CryptoGalaxy Update 1.5 & ZPT to GALA Rewards

It’s not long enough since I made a review about Crypto Galaxy and now Zeepin Team announces more details for the upcoming 1.5 Update.


CryptoGalaxy in summary

A total of 108 Countries and 6,541 users participated in the open beta version. The total Gala Tokens mined was around 2 Million, a very high number of mined Tokens if you consider how many users are active.

Zeepin Team on their medium post notes: CryptoGalaxy’s enthusiasm belongs to the collective glory of the ZEEPIN team and all the players.

New Added Features:

Update 1.5 comes with some great an exciting unlocks.

  • Planet Technology Unlocks

Lock up ZPT in your planet and earn more Gala Tokens. Technology upgrade can boost the mineral yield of your planet by 50%. Withdrawals will not be available as this feature has a lock-up period not yet clarified.

  • New Wallet & Passive Income Opportunity.

Your New Gala Wallet will support EOS, NEO & ETH. That’s awesome right ? Now check this out, Gala Wallet is basically an NEO wallet, so not only it will support ZPT Tokens but the more ZPT you hold in-game, the more GALA you will earn. Yeah! That’s right and fair!  Passive Income is coming and as everything shows, it will be a standard in the crypto-gaming industry. Buy some ZPT and threw them into the game because bitch please shut up and take my money.

  • A More Fair In-Game Approach.

Planet owners can Kick members out. (ouch!)  AFK for two (2) days will result in auto-kick from any planet. Moreover, the planets will be presented in random giving fair opportunities and equal exposure to all. The truth is that TopOne is a little overcrowded 🙂

  • Password Reset Option Available.

There are some changes to be done, CryptoGalaxy will ask for some more information from the users. Not yet specific details.

CryptoGalaxy Updated Game Play

  • New Planet Adventure

A highly trained astronaut will fly around the star! Fill your spaceship with fuel, fly to the vast universe, what’s there? Unoccupied planets waiting for you to capture them!

  • Planet Trading

The new 1.5 Update will provide the option to buy and sell Planets by using

You will get the chance to buy the planets that you missed in the past. Life is short, and you need to seize the opportunities that come your way.

  • No so many Planets

Cryptogalaxy new version will gradually reduce the number of planets released, in August before the mainnet the release rules will be finalized. Notes.

I’m glad to see Zeepin Team working on Crypto Galaxy, they deliver updates, the app is working fine with some exceptions of occasional downtime which I believe they will fix in time.

The new “staking” model seems really interesting, all we need now is more information on the percent of earnings, how many gala tokens will your ZPT generate is still a question.

For detailed update noted please referrer here.

Until next time. Keep it Crypto.