CryptoGalaxy 2.0.9 – Play your way to earn BTC

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BTC always takes your fancy. But to own one, it certainly will cost you a good fortune.

Well, there are a few ways to earn Bitcoin(ETH) without depositing one single Satoshi of your own. From using faucet sites, taking polls, or getting paid for freelance work in Bitcoin, venues that pay in BTC are readily available for those willing to earn it through hard work or sacrificing time.

Only problem is, most of these will earn you an unattractive amount of Satoshi for the time you put in and are downright boring. What you really wanna find is an easy way to earn a decent amount of BTC while having fun doing it, right?

For example, would you believe that there is a game in blockchain you can play on your smart phone that allows you to earn BTC and ETH while getting lost in playing a game you’ll actually enjoy?

CryptoGalaxy 2.0.9 is here to prove that you are not daydreaming and it’s all true–Just get started with small investment, then you can simply play your way to earn BTC and ETH.


CryptoGalaxy 2.0.9 is truly fun to play with exquisite design and requires some element of skill as opposed to the vast majority of straight-up-luck cryptogames or those that looks like nothing but static jpgs and can’t even justify the word “game” . From its official debut since last year till now, we have achieved a huge player base of almost 20,000 while more than 800 planets are conquered by our explorers.

This article mainly focuses on three parts as follows:

  • How to earn BTC, ETH and planets
  • What’s new about CryptoGalaxy 2.0.9
  • Other tips that may interest you

Part I How to earn BTC, ETH and planets

I can feel my pulse shooting up at topic like this!!!

First of all,in-game prize pool rewards are adjusted with the opportunity to win ETH, BTC, and Planet, etc.

Updated Prize pools:

  • Pellaeon Class: Glore, Beryl (greatly increased ), Geo pieces
  • Star Destroyer: Beryl, Sapphire, Gala (greatly increased), ZUSD, Bryne pieces, ETH pieces
  • Prometheus: Sapphire, ZPT, ZUSD, USDT, Planet, Exporation cards, Yuri pieces, ETH pieces, BTC pieces.

As “space hunt pieces” is now live in CryptoGalaxy 2.0.9, you can just launch “Destroyer” and “Prometheus” spaceships (through “Discover” page of the game) to embark on a rewarding space exploration journey!

Besides, planets are in-game scarce assets that can be sold for real profit at quite a decent price! A total fixed supply of planets is 4100 while more than 800 of which are taken away by explorers. Launch “Prometheus” spaceship to hunt one.

cryptogalaxy spaceships

Once your spaceship finds pieces,you can convert them into assets:

–           45 Geo pieces+30 Bryne pieces+15 Yuri pieces=1 planet

–           15ETH pieces=1ETH

–           50BTC pieces=1BTC

Please note that you can directly convert pieces (if all required are collected) into planets in the game. For other crypto rewards like USDT、ETH、BTC, please contact the admin for pieces exchange.

Part II What’s new about CryptoGalaxy 2.0.9

CryptoGalaxy 2.0.9 presents itself with a touch of new features and changelogs, including BTC/ETH hunt, Updated Galabot UI, new mining mechanism and so on. In addition, a mini-game “Survivor” developed by dWin has been integrated into CryptoGalaxy as well.

Click here for more detailed updated upon CryptoGalaxy 2.0.9

Part III Other things you may need to know

  1. Planets vary from one to one in terms of attributes and price. Make sure you understand the value of the one(s) owned by you and do not trade your precious planets at a fire-sale price. (wow, some are willing to buy one at $1699).
  2. Please upgrade your Robots ( GalaBot, Grubber or Whale) to earn more mineral output.
  3. Try to be a planet owner, who always gains the most at the top of the food chain.
  4. High-level and high-rated planets will significantly increase the visibility as well as the profit of their owners.
  5. According to current players and conquered planets, each planet owner can earn extra $3-5, which amounts to $ 1460 over one year. (The revenue will wow you if using Grubber and Whale for digging mineral!)
  6. Don’t be upset for not winning BTC or ETH through your space exploration. Just bear in mind Beryl and Sapphire prize pool is packed full of precious goods!@
  7. Stay away from short-termism. It really pays off to own some good valuable in-game assets like planets, exploration cards and Robots. Spending Gala, ZUSD and USDT to get one!


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