CryptoGalaxy 2.1.1 Update is Now Live

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Powered by ZEEPIN blockchain, CryptoGalaxy is a mobile crypto game where players can visit a planet and mine valuable ores using robots. Players can trade ores for GALA (the in-game token) and then convert them to ZPT!

Available for Android & iOS devices, the CryptoGalaxy is a great free to play ( with in-app purchases) blockchain game with huge reward potentials! Players start with a basic miner that can be upgraded and gather resources faster.

CryptoGalaxy update GalaBot

By owing a planet you keep a percentage of what other players mine on it, making this a steady passive income opportunity. Another way to earn from CryptoGalaxy without playing is by staking your GALA tokens. Players also have the option to purchase tokens and use them in the game in order to evolve faster.

Download And Play CryptoGalaxy

CryptoGalaxy 2.1.1 update is now live with more friendly and playable user experience.

Let’s take a look at the new features added with the CryptoGalaxy update:

  • The New welcome pack is now available for only 1.99 ZUSD. The pack includes a Galabot, a Gold exploration card, 50 glore, 25 sapphire and 12 beryl as well
  • Added BTC, ETH, USDT to xzusd payment gateway.
  • A Galabot and 1000 Glore is available for every new player.
  • The addition of the Gold Exploration Card which unlocks a new spaceship that
    can take you to explore much bigger rewards.
  • You can now on upgrade your Robots with minerals.
  • Increase of the odds for winning prizes through exploration.
  • There is a 10 BTC giveaway for those that will use the Exploration Card.
  • Bot upgrades are now consuming less GALA!
  • A slight decrease to the GalaBots capacity when digging minerals.
  • Redesigned market place, DEX has a new look and functionalities and new marketplace filters.

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