CryptoMonsters World – The Litecoin Collectible


CryptoMonsters World – The Litecoin Collectible game, which represents a virtual world inhabited by constantly evolving unique digital monsters.

The game’s mission is to provide its users with a fun way to spend some of their time.

Each monster has a unique genome and strives to grow and evolve. It has different characteristics – the most important of them is its evolutionary level. The higher the level is, the more evolved the crypto monster is, and the better its chances to grow larger are.

Nowadays, dozens of games exist on the Ethereum blockchain, which offers the same gaming experience to their users. The exploration of new possibilities of the blockchain technology led the creators of CryptoMonsters World to the idea to develop this new type of game, empowered by the Litecoin network.

The game is based on the continuous generation of unique blocks on the blockchain, using the Litecoin network as an improvised clock. At every “tick” of the clock, the evolution takes another step forward. It is the process of a constant change of the crypto monsters and happens as a sequence of fights.

Depending on the Litecoin blockchain’s progress and on the levels of the participating monsters, one of them wins and devours a part of its opponents. As a result, the monsters change and evolve – they either grow or shrink, exchanging some of their characteristics. If a monster falls below a given level, it ascends to Heaven to meet its creator – CryptoGod.

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The platform supports two different types of games—the Fair Game for monsters with closer levels. However, if a monster is brave enough, it could always participate in a Crazy Game, where no level restrictions apply. A crypto monster can also split into two smaller monsters, which can play in different games simultaneously. Additionally, there are magical potions, which greatly improve a monster’s chances to evolve. Another feature of the platform is the timeline – it shows the complete evolutionary history of a monster – from its birth to its ascension to the Crypto Monsters
Although CryptoMonsters World is a game designed for entertainment, you can trade monsters on the platform’s marketplace as an additional option intended to improve the user experience and make the game even more interesting and appealing.

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