Cubego: Creative Blocks On The Blockchain ( dialithike )

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The first blockchain game that brings LEGO is called Cubego and your imagination is the only limit.

Cubegoes, or formally, Cubego is a 3D blocks building blockchain game in which you can create your own 3D model and battle against other players.

Cubego Pre-Sale starts on November 24th, get Whitelisted here & receive 300 basic Cubegoes for free.

The game is characterized by its almost endless possibilities of combining different materials with textures, shaping your very own Cubegon in a fun and for sure, creative way.

Cubego is the latest addition in the EMONT Alliance, a gaming co-op with popular blockchain games like Etheremon and My Crypto Heroes.

As a blockchain game, every cubegon you create is truly yours and stored in your ethereum wallet. The game is playable using metamask wallet.

Cubego lego blocks blockchain game egamers

Full ownership over your creation

Every Cubegon is accompanied by copyright ownership, secured on the blockchain with exclusive rights to produce more color variations of it. You have complete control over your creation, no matter what.

Building with Cubegoes

Basic cubegon model cubego
Basic Cubegon model in which you can build upon, or start from scratch.

In Cubego you are able to build a personalized character with its own skills and unique appearance. Instead of choosing from pre-defined templates you get to design your own using a demo base, or, from scratch. 

Blocks are called Cubegoes and they come in 5 different tiers which we will explain below. You can use a mix of Cubegoes for your creation and it goes like this: the higher the tier of your Cubegoes is, the better and more valuable your Cubego will be.

Before we present you the Cubegoes tiers, you should know that Cubegoes are ERC20 tokens, except the basic ones. (non-transferable)

Cubego cubegoes tiers egamers blockchain game
Cubegoes tiers. From left to right, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Common & Basic.
  • Legendary: The strongest and most valuable block in the game, used to create “God” Cubegons. Only a limited quantity will be ever available.
  • Epic: This tier is a must-have in order to create a “Champion” Cubegon. Available only in the Epic and Ultimate pre-sale packs.
  • Rare: “Elite” Cubegons are made by using rare Cubegoes available only in the rare and ultimate pre-sale packs. We are not aware of the pre-sale prices yet, but we assume this tier will be one of the most affordable ones.
  • Common:  With unlimited supply, common Cubegoes are just what the word says. You can obtain them at any point.
  • Basic: Non transferable Cubegoes for new players. which you can later get through in-game activities.

What about the Cubegons?

Cubegons from Cubego blockchain game. Member of the EMONT Alliance
Cubegons from Cubego blockchain game. Member of the EMONT Alliance

Your unique creation, or else, your champion, is called Cubegon

Cubegons are ERC-721 tokens and as we described earlier, you have complete control over them. 

Each Cubegon is made by you, not only you decide how it looks but you can also select through various properties including types, stats, skills and others.

Let’s take a look at the Cubegon’s properties.

  • Type: Like all the crypto-collectible games, champions come in different types where some are better against others. Your Cubegon can be one of the following: Water, Fire, Air, Earth & Leaf.
  • Stats: Four things to consider here, Speed, Attack, Defence and Health are the stats of your Cubegon. All of them depend on the materials you choose when creating it.
  • Skills: Used in battles, each Cubegon has it’s own skills while you can learn more by battling with others.
  • Energy: A crucial component for battles, energy is determined once you build your Cubegon.
  • Tier: The tier of your Cubegon is determined by the Cubegoes you used to create it.

 Battle against others with your Cubegons

Battle preview in Cubego. Please note that Cubego is still in early development stages.

We have talked about how creative you can get, but Cubegons are not just a 3D model of colorful blocks. They learn and they fight!

As the development of the game progress, your champions are going to develop skills and special abilities through battles while returning awesome rewards. For now, you can’t participate in the battles but we assume this will change in the future.

The Cubego roadmap

Based on information available on Cubego’s roadmap, the game will be ready at least in an early stage, on January 2019, while Cubego building and the decentralized marketplace are expected for this December, the team hopes to bring clan wars, crafting and other enchantments within 2019

There is even a Cubego day scheduled for 2020, AR & VR updates!

Cubego pre-sale starts soon

cubego presale blockchain game

8 days to be precise, on November 24th the Cubego presale will go live and you can get premium Cubegoes to craft your own unique Cubegon!

Prices are not released yet but there are 7 different packs available on the official website to choose from.

There is even an ultimate pack which contains 1990 Cubegoes! Pre-sale is available for pre-registered users so you might want to register prior it’s release.

Join the Cubego Pre-Sale

My Awesome Cubegon Event & Airdrop

My awesome Cubegon cubego blockchain game egamers

The Cubego team has noticed a lot of talented players, therefore players can submit their creations to win ETH and EMONT Tokens.

For a chance to participate, follow this link. The Event ends on November 16th.

Our friends over Block Decentral have made a video for Cubego.

Connect with Cubego: Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Medium.

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