DECIMATED Earn FREE Tokens in The First Survival Crypto Game

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After the Civilization on earth has been destroyed, first-class citizens were permitted onto Mars while the unworthy left behind trying to survive in a collapsed world, finding their selfs in the middle of a war for resources and territory.


Decimated is a multiplayer survival game in a hostile post-apocalyptic environment with its own blockchain economy where players can trade their truly owned digital assets. The game also features a smartphone wallet.

Decimated is expected to launch it’s beta version in Q1 2022 while a playable pre-alpha will be released in Q1 2020.

Decimated Roadmap

Decimated is under development by Fracture Labs using Unity Engine 4. The team is highly skilled and it’s members have previously worked for triple-A titles such as Evolve, The Division, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Robinson, The Climb, Primal Carnage, DOOM, HALO Wars and other mainstream games.

Participate now in the BOUNTY program and earn DIO tokens by completing easy social steps.

Decimated survival game bounty DIOTokens

Token sale

For the token sale, Cryptocurrency and PayPal are accepted. DIO token is officially listed on the Coinomi wallet for iOS, Android, PC Mac, and Linux users to safely store their tokens until DIO will be listed on LAtoken and Panxora exchange on March 2019.

Tokens will be sold through the exchange and locked until they reach the target of €5M, which is expected to happen during Summer 2019. Sign up and receive €5 euros worth of DIO when they issue the airdrop.

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