DFT Presale Starts in 20 Minutes

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The DFT Presale of Dissolution Multiverse game begins in less than 20 minutes! A lot of excitement around as it is the first MFT sale of that scale! 100,000 DFTs will exist, with 50,000 locked inside the game for player rewards.

For this sale, you will be able to obtain a DFT for 2$ each which will give you a number of in-game benefits and earning boots. Its the first sale with 15,000 DFTs available, in the next sales, which are not planned for anytime soon, the price will be a lot more expensive.

Dissolution is a blockchain game powered by Enjin blockchain and it is expected to transit into MMORPG within 2022.

Make sure you check out the DFT Presale video where Houston explains the vision behind DFT.

About Dissolution

Dissolution is an FPS game that introduced to us recently and received praises from all around the blockchain gaming industry. Under development using Unreal Engine and Enjin’s technology, they use ERC-1155 token standard to provide true item ownership to the players. Currently, there are various modes to play and the MMORPG feature is scheduled to come probably by the next year.

Visit Dissolution DFT Sale Page

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