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DGaming Announce Blockchain Gaming Hub In Cosmos Ecosystem

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The DGaming (decentralized gaming) industry has shown significant promise over the past year. Key features being explored, such as cross-application interoperability, could change the way players interact with games.

However, industry growth has started to plateau, as it has failed to extend beyond passionate, yet a modestly sized group of early adopters. Until now, the user experience hasn’t been attractive to a mainstream audience. To make it more attractive, there’s a need for new gaming blockchains to emerge with novel account models and fee economics.

It’s currently unfeasible for developers to launch application-specific blockchains. Any business attempting to do so would need to roll out its own infrastructure, such as exchanges, marketplaces, stable coins and wallets, as well as build a community. This is too costly a process.

Technology company, DGaming, believe it has the solution to this problem, with its development of The DGaming Hub. This follows its recent release of The DGaming Store, a platform which acts as a gateway for gamers to access decentralized games.

The DGaming Hub is a decentralized gaming hub in the Cosmos network, which will connect standalone gaming blockchains to the economic ecosystem. The hub will make it possible to create a network of blockchains where tokens can be transferred between all games within the network. This will enhance one of the most exciting features of blockchain gaming; cross-application interoperability.

“With The DGaming Hub, the infrastructure would be available out of the box through inter-blockchain communication. A lot of projects understand it and are currently building on Cosmos blockchain,” said blockchain specialist and Chief Technology Officer at DGaming,
Vasiliy Shapovalov.

“We believe this will be a major step forward for the DGaming industry, and we look forward to working with interested parties to create a solution which takes the DGaming industry to the next level.”

DGaming says it will release further information, such as a product roadmap, in due course.

About DGaming
DGaming publicly launched in October 2018 by publishing the first ever decentralized gaming industry report, which was featured by major news sites such as VentureBeat, Yahoo Finance, and PC Gamer. Since then, they have grown a popular media site, as well as launch The DGaming Store. DGaming believe that the decentralized gaming industry will be the catalyst that pushes blockchain technology towards mass adoption, and their ever-growing suite of products aim to lower the barrier to entry and make decentralized gaming as common as traditional gaming.

Marina Shim, DGaming Chief Business Development Officer – marina.shim@dgaming.com

Archontakis Kostas
Archontakis Kostas
Kostas is a founding member of egamers and he watches closely the blockchain gaming industry since early 2018. He likes to write quality content for blockchain games, decentralized projects, and expand his knowledge around Marketing.

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