Dissolution Founder’s Token Sale & Why You Should Have It

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Dissolution is one of the best blockchain games that we have ever seen, but don’t take my words, I challenge you to try it for your self, all you have to do is ask for a steam key in their group.

Since the first day I played Dissolution, I’ve been saying that this game is made for the masses, a space-themed first-person shooter with great graphics and incredible gameplay, all that, in closed beta.

Now it’s about time for their Founder token sale, while the first MFTs were given out for free, usually to the first telegram members, the past few months we have experienced a tactic of selling the MFTs. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as the MFT provides some benefits to the players, games obviously need funding,

The truth should be told, some MFTs were expensive, and a number of early adopters weren’t able to get one. A big portion of players lives in economically devasted countries, so the 50$ that someone could spend without any second thoughts, for others is 3 days of work. So, what about the DFT (Dissolution Founders Token)? Its priced at only 2$ per DFT, so no excuses here! Anyone can get their own!

The bonuses of holding a DFT are much more than what you will read here as Dissolution plans to increase the rewards in the future. Keep an eye on the sale because it is expected to sell out quickly.

Dissolution Founders Token Details

This is the biggest supply we have ever seen in a Multiverse Game, 100,000 DFT Tokens. I know what most of you think, 100k? That’s insanely huge, and you are semi-right.

The game is made for mass adoption, rather than having an elite group of 1,000 or 500 people who will reap all the airdrops and rewards, Garage Studio decided to reward a big portion of gamers, and that’s a great idea!

Obviously, a lot of players will get more than 1 DFT for their own use or future resale, but the majority of the DFTs will be in the hand of the masses, whether they jumped in early or not.

dft dissolution

How Will They Distribute The DFTs?

Here’s the best part, something that we haven’t seen in any Multiverse game until today. 50,000 DFTs are locked for in-game rewards, this means that a loyal player will be able to get a DFT by playing the game and completing specific quests or reaching a milestone. This is a great way to get gamers engaged with the game and a unique way to reward them! For the first sale, 15,000 DFT will be available while another 25,000 are reserved for future sales, for a higher price! Finally, 5,000 are reserved for promotions.

Individual DFT Bonus

Holding a DFT will give you an in-game earnings multiplier boost equal of 1% per DFT. Not only that, but you will also get a boose in LP (Loyalty Points). The maximum boost someone can have is 300%, which equates to 300 DFTs.

Bonus income % per DFT (Max 300%)1% per DFT
Bonus LP % per DFT (Max 300%)1% per DFT

Corporate DFT Bonus

Once the MMORPG is out, players will be able to form their own companies (Guilds), Holding a DFT obviously comes with added bonuses to all employees.

The following bonuses apply:

  • Up to 150% boost in DIS and LP earnings from PvE missions to all company employees.
  • 10% discount on military equipment from Authorized Dealers.
  • 20% Ship Insurance for all employees.
Employee Income % bonus per DFT (Max 50%)0.05% per DFT
Employee LP % bonus per DFT (Max 50%)0.05% per DFT

Dissolution Presale Discount

The DFT holders will enjoy a discount of up to 15% when the actual presale begins.

Presale discount % per DFT (Max 15% off)0.05% per DFT
DFT Requirement for Max Discount300 DFTs

DFT Bonus Loaning

Another great feature is that you can loan your DFTs to other players for a flat fee and, check this out, a percentage of bonus in-game earning from what the other player earns.

This incredible option allows you to loan the DFTs and earn a “passive income” based on the percentage of the agreement. So, whether you are a hardcore player or not, you can always loan them to others and still earn while offline.

About Dissolution

Dissolution is an FPS game that introduced to us recently and received praises from all around the blockchain gaming industry. Under development using Unreal Engine and Enjin’s technology, they use ERC-1155 token standard to provide true item ownership to the players. Currently, there are various modes to play and the MMORPG feature is scheduled to come probably by the next year.

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