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Inside Dissolution: An Interview With Houston & 50 DFT Giveaway

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I don’t usually meet someone named Houston and while most people will think of the epic phrase “Houston we have a problem” in my mind, in my head,  we have a party!


Damn, right we have a party because Houston, the CEO of Dissolution Game and Garage Studios is with us today to answer a lot of questions regarding the future of the game!

And what kind of party would this be without a giveaway? Follow the instruction on this tweet to win 50 DFTs we will contact 50 winners through twitter on August 30!

Dissolution is a game that I found by searching on steam “Blockchain Games” while trying to find an actual game that will motivate our community and have fun together in these early days of the industry. Our members constantly ask for “real games” to play and it turns out that a lot of 3D games, that was supposed to hit the mainstream market, canceled their development.

Righter, after I shared Dissolution in our telegram community, people went crazy about it, then I received a beta-access steam key and joined the frenzy club my self!

Don’t forget that Dissolution hosts their first DST (MFT) Presale on August 23!

Without further ado, let’s get to the interview!

Hi Houston! What a pleasure to have you here with us at egamers.io! Before we begin with the interview, here’s the million-dollar question I can’t wait to ask! When MMORPG? And please, don’t skip the details.

The full vision of Dissolution is to combine the combat mechanics of Battlefield with the sandbox and realistic economy of Eve Online. We’ve broken down our development process in 3 main stages:

  • Stage 1: FPS
  • Stage 2: Combined Arms
  • Stage 3: MMORPG

I don’t have a set date as to when the full MMORPG features will come but I estimate that it will be around 2022. The multiplayer replication has been tested up to 100 players per server, but will not be capable of handling the typical player count for an MMORPG. At the latest, you can expect full functionality by 2023. Of course, throughout this development process, the game will still be fully playable and accessible to players.

Dissolution DFT Token Sale

An MMORPG definitely require years of development and expertise. Tell us a bit of your self and the company behind Dissolution, Garage Studios.

I’m an ex-league of legends addict and a crypto-enthusiast/early adopter. I always wanted to start a project on Ethereum but didn’t have the technical ability to execute a lot of my ideas. I met my co-founder Adam, at Pizza Hut. He delivered pizza to my house, and I found out he self-funded, developed and published a videogame over a 4-year span while working a full-time job.

We started our first project in January 2018. It was a 3D Ethereum Casino called Hiroll, built on Unity3D using smart contracts for the game logic. I think we were the first 3D gambling game to use smart contracts. We launched a working prototype but our development process was extremely frustrating, to the point where we abandoned the project due to a lack of passion for online gambling. We ended that in May of 2018

We were looking at Star Citizen, Eve Online, WoW, and all these massive MMOs and we thought: “What would it do for immersion if we integrated an MMO with a free blockchain-based economy?” Dissolution started on 2018 April and we went live on Steam early access in December 2018. It was a semi-disaster, but we were able to expedite the development of the game due to our helpful community. In particular, a player named Shara notably played over 100 hours of the game and is arguably the best player in our game. (Shout out to Shara btw). 

Since then, the game has been in accelerated development, with the most recent update being full kovan integration. As Enjin Main-net goes live, Dissolution should be one of the first games to have full integration.

You have recently announced the DFT (Dissolution Founders Token) sale with a supply of 100k! That’s the biggest supply of MFT we have ever seen in the Multiverse. What’s the idea behind such a supply? How can someone get or earn a DFT?

I remember talking to Sam from Space Misfits about their MFT’s and I really liked what they’ve done and all of the different benefits that players will have access to. It seems that the common approach to the MFT is to sell them based on exclusivity and scarcity. We wanted to do something unique that hadn’t been done before, so we decided to get rid of the exclusivity and focus purely on the benefit to the player.

Exclusivity didn’t make sense as we wanted to build a game not just for the small blockchain gaming community, but for the gaming industry as a whole. Our goal is to create a game with millions of players. At that player count, having only a couple hundred or thousand means that only a sliver of players will be able to benefit from holding them and upset the balance of the game. 100k might seem like a big number now, but when there are millions of players, it will be exclusive to have.

dft dissolution

Mass adoption here we come! I Couldn’t agree more with you, 100k is my newest favorite number! Can you tell us why you decided to go with Enjin side instead of another popular Blockchain?

Originally we were planning to use ERC 721 for our blockchain integration. We were doubtful of Enjin and other platforms at first, but after we saw their demo at GDC, we were extremely impressed with the amount of progress they’ve made. Pushing ERC 1155 to be an official token standard was the cherry on the cake.

Out of all the platforms available, and I’ve seen more platforms than actual games, Enjin has by far been the most impressive in terms of progress and traction. This is why we went with them.

We were also impressed with that presentation! Now a more technical question, the game is built using the Unreal Engine, Most of the Multiverse Games are made with Unity, how is this working for you? How is the integration with Enjin Blockchain going?

We actually have full Kovan integration working with Enjin’s API already. Our Kovan web portal is available on our website https://dissolution.online. We’ve got a custom hybrid integration which is basically the best of both worlds for blockchain and regular gamers. The game uses both our server-side database and scans your wallet for inventory items. As a blockchain gamer, you’ll be able to play our game directly out of your wallet. Regular gamers will be able to play the game like any other, so they can play without knowing anything about blockchains. This way, we can get regular gamers into the game first, and eventually convert them to become adopters of Enjin and blockchain technology. As you can see, everything we’ve been developing thus far is designed for mass adoption.

dissolution blockchain game egamers community crypto

The latest Zombie update was a great success! What are we going to see next?

Expect to see a short single-player campaign/tutorial by the end of the year. We’ve got ship combat lined up for Q2 of 2020, with combined arms (infantry and ships) scheduled for Q1 of 2021.

Super! Can’t wait to dominate with my ships! What about Playstation? Xbox? Is there any plan to bring Dissolution on consoles?

Currently, there isn’t. We’re still unsure if crypto games will be allowed onto those platforms. I think if the opportunity presents itself, we will definitely port the game over.

You have managed to create a solid and active community! What would you like to tell them?

I want to thank them for the support, suggestions, and for play-testing the game. We’ve had tons of bug reports that have really helped us stabilize the game. As a dev team, we highly value your suggestions, and because we are a self-funded studio, we are able to implement ideas without having to go back and forth. Case in point, our zombie mode was a player suggestion, we didn’t plan on making that game mode.

Our readers always know the last question! Where do you see blockchain gaming in 5 years from now?

In order for blockchain gaming to really take off, there needs to be a game that becomes overwhelmingly successful with regular gamers. I’m not going to say that game is Dissolution, but our goal is to create an immersive experience that I hope everyone can enjoy, regardless of their stance on the blockchain. I think that mass adoption is unlikely until big publishers and AAA studios get behind the technology, but that is to be expected. We need a game to really take off and become a hit title before the majority of the industry takes us seriously.

Thank you for being with us today Houston! We are looking forward to meeting again and discuss the latest progress!

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview as much as I did, Houston is a great guy with a nice taste of Humor, you should join their telegram community and say a hi! Don’t forget to ask for a steam key to try the game!

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