Dissolution Joins Silica Nexus Ecosystem

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Silica Nexus continues adding games in their ecosystem with the popular FPS Multiverse game “Dissolution” to be the newest addition. The IEO is currently active and you can get DROID tokens from LAToken.

Recently, Crypt-Oink and Ether Legends joined the Silica Nexus project with Mythereum to follow right after. Dissolution is the 4th game to join and we expect more to come in the near future.

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Players will be able to win in-game assets from Dissolution through real-life arcade machines as well as trade them using the Silica Nexus marketplace which is expected to launch soon in beta version.

The Silica Nexus project is an XR (Cross Reality) technology that aims to connect devices and games under a single umbrella. Players could potentially have a seamless experience through any supported device. Play through mobile phones on the go or use a VR headset to live the ultimate gaming experience.

Moreover, Silica Nexus is placing arcade machines all over the world where instead of physical assets, players will win in-game NFTs.

About Dissolution

Dissolution is an Enjin-based FPS Multiverse game with MMORPG plans in the future. Their first DFT (Multiverse Founders Token) was sold-out in less than 16 hours, raising over $30,000. It is considered as one of the most promising blockchain games we have seen until today and you can play it on steam through early access.

Here you can find an interview with the CEO of Dissolution and learn more about the game.

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