A vault is a feature that allows you to freely store items. You can use it by talking with the NPC “[Vault Manager] Vinshalin” located in each village.

Vinshalin Bountyblok has replaced its centralized randomizer service, and integrated Chainlink VRF and Price Feeds on the Polygon Mainnet for their distribution tools and giveaways. 
Vault 26

Vaults are divided into character vaults, account vaults, and costume vaults.

  • Character Vault: You can store items your character owns. Regardless of the transaction type of the item, it can be kept and cannot be shared with other characters in the account.
  • Account Vault: A vault that can be shared with other characters in the account. Only account-bound/tradable items can be stored. (Cannot store non-tradeable items.) You can also store/receive gold by pressing the deposit/withdraw button.
  • Costume Vault: This is a costume-only vault where you can store your costumes. It cannot be shared with other characters in your account. Each vault can have an increased capacity by pressing the [Expand] button. Vault expansion requires cash.

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