Learn about the Arena Kritika Global.

The Arena becomes available at Lv 70. As the floors go higher up, stronger enemies appear. Once a stage is clear, a reward is obtained.

Arena rewards are divided into First Clear rewards and Daily Clear rewards. The First Clear reward is given when every 5th floor is cleared for the first time.

The Daily Clear reward can be obtained when a certain floor is cleared, and can only be obtained once a day. Daily Clear rewards do not accumulate and are given out according to the last floor that has been cleared.

In addition, you can obtain Quartz as a Daily Clear reward for the Arena, and the amount of Quartz you receive increases as the completed Arena floor is higher up.

In the Arena, there is a required combat power/recommended combat power for each floor. If you lack the required combat power, you cannot enter that floor.

Arena FloorClear Reward (Daily Reward)
1st~30th FloorQuartz (10), Etherforce Crystal Box (30)
31st~49th Floor2 Quartz (10), Etherforce Crystal Box (30)
50th~59th Floor3 Quartz (10), Etherforce Crystal Box (30)
60th~69th Floor4 Quartz (10), Etherforce Crystal Box (30)
70th~79th Floor5 Quartz (10), Etherforce Crystal Box (30)
80th~89th Floor6 Quartz (10), Etherforce Crystal Box (30)
90th~94th Floor7 Quartz (10), Etherforce Crystal Box (30)
95th~99th Floor8 Quartz (10), Etherforce Crystal Box (30)
100th~104th Floor9 Quartz (10), Etherforce Crystal Box (30)
105th~109th Floor10 Quartz (10), Etherforce Crystal Box (30)
110th~114th Floor11 Quartz (10), Etherforce Crystal Box (30)
115th~119th Floor12 Quartz (10), Etherforce Crystal Box (30)
120th Floor13 Quartz (10), Etherforce Crystal Box (30)

※ There are no additional premium rewards in the Arena.

Number of Arena FloorsFirst Clear Reward
5 FloorsGold Box (500,000) (Non-tradeable)
10 Floors150 Reappraisal Scrolls (Bound)
15 FloorsGold Box (500,000) (Non-tradeable)
20 Floors150 Recalculation Scrolls (Bound)
25 FloorsGold Box (500,000) (Non-tradeable)
30 Floors5 Legendary Whetstones (Bound)
35 FloorsGold Box (500,000) (Non-tradeable)
40 Floors1 Legendary Enhanced Fuse (Bound)
45 FloorsGold Box (500,000) (Non-tradeable)
50 Floors[Card] 3 Low ~ High Random Card Packs (Non-tradeable)
55 FloorsGold Box (500,000) (Non-tradeable)
60 Floors[Card] 3 Low ~ High Random Card Packs (Non-tradeable)
65 FloorsGold Box (500,000) (Non-tradeable)
70 Floors10 Legendary Whetstones (Bound)
75 FloorsGold Box (500,000) (Non-tradeable)
80 Floors2 Legendary Enhanced Fuses (Bound)
85 Floors[Card] 3 Low ~ Myth Random Card Packs (Non-tradeable)
90 Floors10 Mythical Whetstones (Bound)
95 Floors2 Mythical Enhanced Fuses (Bound)
100 Floors2 Lucky Pet Random Boxes (Advanced~Legend) (Non-tradeable)
105 Floors10 Mythical Whetstones (Bound)
110 Floors2 Mythical Enhanced Fuses (Bound)
115 Floors[Card] 1 Rare ~ Myth Random Card Packs (Non-tradeable)
120 Floors3 Lucky Pet Random Boxes (Advanced~Legend) (Non-tradeable)

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