Dragon Castle: Beat The Dragon, Earn The Dividend

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Editors note 2/1/2021: The particular game is not playable any more.

In an ancient realm threaten by dragons and monsters, players are challenged to achieve the greatest honor of all, the dragon slayer. Dragon Castle players fight to bring prosperity and hope back to their territory while receiving dividends and stake winnings.

Dragon Castle is a decentralized staking game with over 727 Million in TRX transactions, member of the TRON Arcade, a $100 Million fund for game developers and the first dapp from Skypeople, a well established Korean company known for the successful Final Blade mobile game which gone viral in Korea and Taiwan. Final Blade achieved second place in Google Play Top Sales and accumulated sales of $26 Million.

The playing method takes a similar approach to dice dapps, the player is required to stake TRX in order to beat the monster and earn a share accordingly to the hit rate of the attack.

When a player hits the attack button the defense point of the monster is randomly selected. The attack point must be higher of the defense point in order for the player to win the round. To play Dragon Castle, you must have TRON Link installed.

dragon castle level blockchain gaming
Playing against Chaon Skeleton Knight in Dragon Castle

We decided to play and try the game ourselves so we placed the minimum allowed amount, 50TRX ($1.60) and attacked with 60 hit rate, the buff (return rate) is x1.6417 (82.085TRX) and with the odds in our favor, we manage to beat the lucky dragon 4 times and I say lucky, because it got us the other 3. 🙂 We also managed to receive .88DC after 7 plays.

Dragon Castle is on the blockchain and the dragon defense points are verified random.

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Beating the dragon in Dragon Castle TRON Blockchain Game
A Tutotrial on how to play Dragon Castle by SkyPeople.

The Level System

DragonCastle BlockchainGame CryptoGames TRON TRX

The level System works exactly the same with any RPG game level system. Players can level up by gathering EXP and climb up the 11 available tiers. A player can reach the next tier every 10 levels and receive a DC (in-game token) mining bonus.


SkyPeople is developing a Unity SDK to serve as a standard for developing games on the TRON Blockchain. This alone is the most promising news we have seen around regarding TRON and Gaming as more than 5.5 Million developers will have access to it. So far, Enjin, LOOM, and KIN have successfully launched their SDKs for Unity.

Through the TRON Unity, we are going to see 3D games joining the TRON Blockchain and definitely some great, new and already available titles to play! The TRON Unity will offer to developers the following services:

  • Library for Developers to use TRON in Unity
  • Create TRON wallet / Import & Export wallet feature
  • TRX & TRC Token Send / Receive allowed
  • Transaction process allowed through the wallet in-Game
  • Smart Contract Feature

DC Token

DC TOKEN Dragon Castle SkyPeople Tron

DC is a TRC-20 Token that can be mined in the game and will be also usable in other DAPP Games developed by SkyPeople. DC will be listed in decentralized exchanges (DEX) so players can trade it for other cryptocurrencies such as TRX! Every time that players beat the monster and win TRX they earn an amount of DC Tokens in addition. Furthermore, you can earn DC Tokens through airdrops and by voting for Sky People with your TRON Power, find out a voting guide here.

By staking DC Tokens in the dividends section of the game players earn daily an amount of TRX from the reward pool based on the quantity of the frozen DC. The game also enables some other cool features that you definitely want to try if you feel lucky enough.

  • The Fortune Tree is an in-game jackpot system that stacks some portion of Game Revenue and has a winning chance based on Users’ Damage value.
  • The Lucky Wheel is a rewarding system that players can spin, up to three times per day in order to win free TRX.

Sky People

SkyPeople is a Korean game development company that have created so far some very popular games in the West. Their partnership with TRON starts with Dragon Castle and SkyPeople is about to create a variety of games on the TRON Blockchain. Their goal is to create a game platform where DC token can be used.

The next game of SkyPeople is already under development and is expected to be released at the end of the year. It is going to be a Brand New Mobile RPG blockchain enabled game which will become the new usage of DC token.

Gameplay of the upcoming blockchain game by SkyPeople

TRON Arcade

The game fund of $100 Million by the TRON Foundation is allocated to game developers and game studios that build games and gamified decentralized applications uppon the TRON Blockchain. Until today, a number of new blockchain games have been introduced to the public by TRON Arcade such as Traps, KuaiXiYou, Crypto Dungeon, Epic Dragons, TronGoo and Dragon Castle. On the other hand, a lot of games have ported over TRON with notable names including Blockchain Cuties, 0xWarriorsChibi Fighters, EverdragonsLordless, and the gaming platform BitGuild. Moreover, a new 3D Blockchain Game by Dapp Evolution called “Pizza Heroes” will be built using Tron’s blockchain.

If you are a game studio or developer, make sure you visit the TRON Arcade website. You can apply for funding and guidance to bring your own game on the TRON blockchain.

Our Conclusion

Dragon Castle is a game for players who like to gamble, clearly its far better than playing in centralized platforms as you can stake your earnings in DC and receive dividends. SkyPeople also buys back DC from the market and burns them! So far, 117,318 DC have been burned and counting. Each turn costs you a minimum of 50TRX ($1.60) which might drive away players who like to “micro-bet”, other than that, Dragon Castle has 72,655 transactions the last 7 days with over 4,5 Million TRX. To fully enjoy the game a couple of thousands of TRX is required.

Play Now Dragon Castle

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This is not investment advice, its a lucky game and should be treated as. Never spend more than you can afford to lose and always do your own research. eGamers.io and its affiliates are not responsible for any kind of loses.

Archontakis Kostas
Archontakis Kostas
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