& Partnership

Since day zero, team members are true believers of Blockchain implementation in video games.
We were discussing with team for over a month, sharing our vision and ideas regarding the future and the present of the crypto gaming industry. is glad to announce a partnership with in order to increase the awareness of blockchain gaming and empower the community.
From today, BlockDecentral and will work closely to achieve the following:
  • Empower the blockchain gaming community through various promotional actions and online events.
  • Covering blockchain games and properly inform the players about all the aspects of every game.
  • Reaching gamers with no previous blockchain experience and spreading the word.
  • Guidance to players who have no previous blockchain knowledge on how to properly use all the necessary elements of cryptocurrency sphere.

BlockDecentral, as well as, are both dedicated to serve the blockchain gaming community and provide in-depth analysis of the latest video games.

Members of the BlockDecentral community are welcomed to join a dedicated room for BlockDecentral in discord channel.

Also, we encourage our members to join the BlockDecentral Discord Channel.