Emont Alliance, A Practical Initiative To Bring Blockchain Into Gaming

Emont Alliance

Gaming has firmly took its place in the entertainment industry. In 2018, the forecasted revenue of game ($116B) is to surpass that of either television, box office or music industry (Source: Reuters). With 1.5 Billion players driving consumption, games will continue to bring in the newest, most exciting technology to maintain its upward trajectory. Blockchain could be the logical next step in the gaming revolution (as discussed in this article). Likewise, gaming could open up the road to mass adoption for blockchain.

EMONT Alliance

EMONT Alliance is established as a blockchain ecosystem for game developers. While blockchain is still in its nascent phase, it has the potential to bring great impact to gaming, with huge opportunities for growth. With the vision to empower game developers in blockchain space, EMONT Alliance provides:

• Software Development Kit (SDK): Studios can quickly deploy blockchain-games with smart contract capabilities from EMONT Alliance. The SDK is targeted for release in 2019.
• EMONT ­­­Alliance’s marketing resources: Community engagement, marketing channels and partnerships can be employed to expand audience reach.
• EMONT tokens: Game studios can distribute EMONT (an ERC-20 token designed for Etheremon and other games in EMONT Alliance) as a reward to attract players.

Etheremon and MyCryptoHeroes are among the first batch to join EMONT Alliance. These are the next-generation games, set out to bring true ownership, novel experience and even investment opportunity for players.


etheremon blockchain game
Etheremon is an in-house title of EMONT Alliance. Etheremon creates a virtual world where players, MonSeekers, can:
• Capture Ether Monsters (Mons)
• Train Mons into a powerful team
• Battle against teams of other Mon-seekers to up their rank and gain reward
• And make a profit from trading game assets (Mons, Adventure Maps, EMONTs, etc)

With more than 7,000 users and 290,000 battles, Etheremon has become one of the top Dapp games.


My crypto Heroes blockchain game
My Crypto Heroes blockchain game

The newest game of Doublejump.tokyo studio, ‘My Crypto Heroes’, is now a member of EMONT Alliance. My Crypto Heroes is a quick and casual worker-placement RPG which lets players collect and train historical heroes of the world and challenge epic battles. With a wide variety of skills offered, players can try out various team-forming strategies to select their own ultimate team and conquer the virtual world of ‘My Crypto Heroes’.

‘My Crypto Heroes’ Presale will start from UTC 0:00, 21st Sep 2018 to UTC 23:00, 30th Sep 30 2018.
To kick start the collaboration with EMONT Alliance, there will be exclusive Heroes, which will only be acquired in EMONT.

Developers, let’s leverage on EMONT Alliance initiative and join the pioneers of blockchain in gaming!

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