Emoon Marketplace Review

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Emoon is a decentralized ERC-20 Assets Marketplace, and today I’m going to do a small review. You can quickly sell or purchase ERC20 Assets for a variety of games, which is still expanding.

How does Emoon Works?

The Emoon marketplace works like a consignment store. When you want to sell an asset, Emoon acts as an escrow service for the transaction between you and the buyer.

When someone buys your item, Emoon transfers the ownership of the asset to you and also moves the Ethereum amount from the sale to your account. This transfer of ownership is atomic and is handled by a smart contract on the blockchain.

A significant advantage of Emoon is its trust system. You don’t have to worry about legit sellers as every asset sold there is real and handled by Emoon Broker Service.

Emoon works with Ethereum as a form of payment.

How to access Emoon?

Very simple, just like you do with any ethereum game, you need a metamask wallet. Make sure you use the same wallet like the one you use in the game.

Emoo.io can be accessed using any modern browser. Google Chrome is suggested.

If you want to access Emmon using your smartphone, you need to install Trust Wallet, Toshi, or Chipper, all digital wallets, just like MetaMask.

My Final Say on Emoon

Emoon.io works based on open-source smart contracts. You can read the source code and run the unit tests to all the Emoon smart contracts on Github.

The ability to create decentralized marketplaces represents a huge opportunity to transform how we buy and sell tokens and tokenized assets on the blockchain. By using the blockchain to broker a transaction, buyers and sellers can interact in a trustless, secure fashion.

Still new to the market, I believe Emoon can attract thousands of users once the blockchain gaming industry gets more significant than it is now.

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