ETH.TOWN The New Must in Crypto Gaming

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ETH.Town is the new must in crypto gaming. Unbeatable unique features and quality. There was nothing like that before!

Currently, in closed beta testing with the presale phase completed, we expect the game to be released in June as the development is in full speed.

Sign up for ETH.Town and gain early access to the game, plus there is an interesting Infernal Cauldrons Mini-Game available to play in order to spend some eth.

In ETH.Town you are a real estate investor working in a Crypto Tower. Buy low, sell high, get bonuses and grow your share in the whole crypto enterprise.

ETH.TOWN Crypto Tower

The Crypto Tower is a 100% crypto-affiliated tower with crypto offices and apartments. Some are good old businesses, some are totally crazy stuff. Every floor comes with its own rules, profit structure, bonuses etc., often with funky twists added in for fun.

On some floors, you might be able to find interesting and funny mini game that has a special relation to the floor and some heroes.



Heroes are probably the most important aspect of ETH.TOWN. They will be able to help you maximize your revenue. You can purchase a level 0 Hero for cheap and by spending time and effort he will be a real hero through leveling up and upgrading.


All heroes start off from Level 0 and will have a set of beginning stats tagged to them. At some point in time, you will be able to breed two heroes and born a new one, there is also a possibility to have twins. Awesome right? 😛

Sadly though, parents will self-destruct soon after their child is born. Their sacrifice and contribution to the gameplay will forever be etched in our memories.

The higher the level, the rarer and more expensive the characters will be. A Level 15 hero is a Star Hero, they are the most powerful ones. The characters will be a part of interactions in the game, you can play with them, and some will have special relations with certain floors. Characters’ skills play an important role when playing mini-games.

ETH.Town is releasing a Penguin Mini Game Tomorrow, make sure you read this post.


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