Ether Kingdoms: The Mines of Glory

Ether Kingdoms review for blockchain gaming community and news website.
Ether Kingdoms review for blockchain gaming community and news website.

Probably the most adventurous moment for this week was Marshal Sneaky Panda smashing the heads of my opponents in Ether Kingdoms.

This browser-based blockchain game is one of the hottest of its type, idle elements, items to equip and a minable token.

Ether Kingdoms, a hybrid game (economy on the blockchain, game on central servers) offers a fun way to level up through battles, owning mining nodes and earning IMP Tokens.

Ultimate goal: The Mines

Ether Kingdoms Mines
Mines in Ether Kingdoms, Mines with 100 on them are unlocked and active. Center-down, you can see the Kingdom’s Castle.

As you login in the game, you come across your own kingdom with a castle and 25 locked mines. Each mine requires 100 IMP tokens to unlock and returns 0.25 IMP per day which is the equivalent of 0.25%. Once you get you a mine, it automatically becomes level 1. at the time of writing this post, one IMP costs 0.055$. A mine and each upgrade cost around 7$.


As you level up your champion by challenging other players or bots, nodes become upgradable. A node can reach up to level 4 with a return rate of 1%. This is the way Ether Kingdoms provide a passive income stream through gaming on the blockchain.

Get ready: Battle begins

Multiple Battles options in Ether Kingdoms blockchain game.
Multiple Battles options in Ether Kingdoms blockchain game. Your champion can fight automatically without your presence.

Battling is the way to level up, each battle needs 10 IMP tokens where you basically stake your tokens on your champion and regarding the outcome of the battle, you might win some, or lose some.

For now, battles are automated by the system with 50/50 chances to win with more features to be added like player’s control in future updates. We should probably also say that battles are not a get-rich-quick-scheme, winning doesn’t bring you 20 IMP Tokens but

Battle Results on winning with 2HP left out of 108 in Ether Kingdoms
Battle Results on winning with 2HP left out of 108 in Ether Kingdoms.

instead, a formula calculates the earning/losses based on the remaining HP and who the winner is. You can either win 5 IMP or 0.5IMP. Either way, battles are sorely used to level up your champion and raise your own fighting morale.

Unique items

Once you reach level 15, some champion inventory slots become available and they can be filled with items, tradable by the community on the decentralized blockchain assets exchange OpenSea.

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Champion Stats

Champions have statics that can affect the outcome of a battle, for example, we have the standard HP Bar, the damage our champion is able to deal, his defense rate, critical & dodge rates and a golden ability for an extra attack. While these stats look important, your champion has the abilities to ignore all of the bonus damages in a fight while having immune capabilities.

IMP Token

Ether Kingdoms has its own decentralized economy based on the ethereum blockchain, IMP is a proof-of-stake ERC20 Standard token available for trading in Mercatox and Livecoin.

The token has a total supply of 13,000,000 IMP with 349,885 IMP in circulating. It is expected to reach the total supply before September 2019 where the team will implement a burning mechanism to increase the value of each token. As a result, IMP looks attractive to both players and investors.

What’s next

Developers are about to implement a voting mechanism, Ether Kingdoms is becoming a community-driven game where players can cast their opinion and decide the future development plans. We are glad to see developers choosing the side of the community, it empowers the players as their opinion counts and democracy wins.
Moreover, there are some updates to come including fights with bosses and clans implementation with special items and artifacts. Bosses will drop unique items and rewards.
Worth to mention, the game will move to a freemium model and players will be able to play free of charge up to level 15.
Special Artifacts in Ether Kingdoms. Items as such are ERC-712 and can be obtained through OpenSea Exchange.
Special Artifacts in Ether Kingdoms. Items as such are ERC-712 and can be obtained through OpenSea Exchange.

Our final say

Ether Kingdoms is one of the best mining games up to date in the blockchain gaming world. With minimal effort and money, you can start earning your own IMP tokens while you challenge other players. Their community is highly active and we got a response instantly in all of our questions asked through their official telegram group. Developers know their job and the marketing team is doing a tremendous work. You only have to sign the game in order to play, there are almost zero transaction fees

We really enjoy playing Ether Kingdoms, in fact, we became fans of it. We encourage our readers to try the game, and get the first 10 IMP tokens free of charge, you will have the chance to test the battle mechanisms and later this month, Ether Kingdoms will move a freemium model for up to 15 level.

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Friendly Reminder

Do not spend more than you can afford to lose.

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