Ether Kingdoms Presents Bosses & Referral System

Ether Kingdoms Presents Bosses & Referral System

Ether Kingdoms delivered today the update 5.0, which features a free-to-play mode until level 15, bosses, and a referral system.

Ether Kingdoms is a browser-based blockchain game with idle elements, mining nodes with passive income in IMP Token, and many items to trade!

The developers want to make Ether Kingdoms more enticing for the average blockchain gamer and set the fundamentals for further gameplay development.

In addition to the new features, developers will announce the roadmap and their plans this Saturday, 24 November 2018.

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To begin with, Ether Kingdoms now have new exciting Bosses with special abilities in every second move, which in combination with the extended health, makes them difficult to kill.

Don’t get your hopes down because Bosses in Ether Kingdoms can fall alongside with friends!

With Update 5.0, there are two different types of bosses.

Personal: This type of Bosses are suitable for one-on-one fights. Players will have a limited number of tries to win.

Global: The Global Bosses you can challenge along with a group of players and not individually while rewarding each one according to the personal score. Fights will be determined, in a big way, on how well you use your artifacts.

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Until level 15, players can play in a Free-To-Play mode without having to buy IMP tokens. As a result, we expect the community of Ether Kingdoms to grow faster than before. Also, the game contains a training mode that guides players in all aspects of the game.

The referral system is up and running for anyone interested, Ether Kingdoms is giving away 5% of the total purchase, whether it is an artifact or IMP tokens.

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