Etheremon Celebrates The Year of the Pig

Etheremon, the famous blockchain game which is constantly in the TOP rankings of Ethereum Games, celebrates the 2019 Lunar New Year with a series of special events.

Currently, the Ruffski & Barkindle event is live and anyone interested can participate.

Special Pig Promotion

pigperus etheremon

Etheremon is releasing a new Mon, Pigperus. Pigs are lucky animals representing wealth and fortune, as a result, holding a Pigperus mon may result in great luck for this year.

Starting from 1:00PM UTC, Jan 28th to 1:00PM UTC, Feb 11th
88 EMONT tokens will be rewarded to the first 888 purchases (maximum 8 purchases per account are entitled to this EMONT reward)

Lunar New Year Lucky Wheel

Starting from 8:00 AM UTC, Jan 28th to 8:00AM UTC, Feb 11th.

In order to participate in the Lucky Wheel event, players must acquire the HongBao items first by completing the daily quests.

hongbao etheremon
HongBao Red Envelop in Etheremon Crypto Game

HongBaos are red envelops, an indispensable part in the East customs of Lunar New year festival signifying prosperity and luck to recipients.

The wheel’s rewards are:

  • 10 EMONT
  • 666 EMONT
  • Hongbao x 3
  • Hongbao x 66
  • 10 energy
  • 30 energy
  • Level Stone
  • Mystery Box
  • Holiday Special Mon – Piggicius – a gracefully appearing pig, a symbol of special luck.
piggicius etheremon crypto game

Make sure you visit the event page. (Available on 28th)

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