Etheremon Ruffski & Barkindle Event! Claim Them Now!

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2018 was a great year for the popular blockchain game Etheremon and the team doesn’t just stop there! For the new year, a whole new series of events are coming to make the game more and more interesting!

Since yesterday, 21 of January and until 28th. Etheremon players have the chance to recall 8 precious and rare Mons! Ruffski and Barkindle!

Waiting somewhere in the afterlife, Ruffski and Barkindle vanished due to the involvement of the race but now they are coming back to celebrate Lunar New Year!

How to Summon Ruffski & Barkindle?

Players have to find a nutritious and fragrant food called Calciumie, Each Calciumie has the ​power to call exactly a dog back. In total, there will be 8 Calciumies that can be found in the Adventure Mode.


Summon Ruffski and Barkindl with Calciumie

The list of Barkindle dogs waiting to be summoned:

The list of Ruffski dogs:

The first 8 players who get to find Calmiumie will receive a Ruffski and Barkindle dog on January 31.

They can be found by exploring the 6 Etheremon Maps.

Etheremon maps for event

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