Everdragons Integrates POA Network

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Blockchain Game Everdragons Integrates POA Network alongside with Ethereum.

Everdragons developers are always in the hunt for stable solutions. Thus the POA Network, a proven Ethereum sidechain, perfectly fits the needs of a decentralized game.

It’s no secret that Ethereum is unstable. It might be the most popular blockchain for the majority of crypto games. With the recent congestion issues and unfortunate news that sharding might come in 2020, an immediate and viable solution is missing.

There is going to be a two-click method in which players can exchange their ETH to POA, and vice versa, without having to change address or leave their Metamask.

Another exciting thing is the Everdragons Marketplace. It will co-exist in both POA and Ethereum Networks, where players can decide in which cryptocurrency they would like to buy or sell.

 Everdragons presented four significant reasons why they decided to integrate the POA Network.

We set to work researching other blockchains and finding the most elegant yet robust solution for our platform. Factors most important to us were as follows:

  • Ease of use for our players.
  • Fast, low-cost transactions.
  • The ability of our team to easily migrate our code from Ethereum to the new blockchain.
  • A blockchain with an excellent and communicative team.

The blockchain we feel is the best fit for our platform that ticks all the boxes above and is mature, proven, and future safe is POA Network.

Everdragons Cryptocollectible Blockchain game powered by real-life events.

New Games Coming

The Race, is the title of the new upcoming blockchain game by Everdragons. To begin, it will be available in the Ethereum Network, and at a later date, POA integration will follow.

There is not much information yet available for The Race, although this week, the developers will announce more. What we know for sure is that the development process is in the final stages.

In our question about the upcoming games and the timeframe of POA integration, Jacqueline from Everdragons responded:

The Race is one of many games to be released on Everdragons. Others include Theme Party, Treasure Hunt, Go Genesis, etc.
It will be released quite soon on Ethereum as planned, with POA Network deployment to follow.
We do not have a time frame for POA deployment and bridging both blockchains as yet, but we endeavor to do so as soon as possible.

What is POA Network?

POA is an Ethereum Sidechain as well as a stand-alone blockchain. Being similar to Ethereum allows developers to seamlessly integrate their Ethereum dApps without changing their smart contracts. POA Network has a block time of 5 seconds if you are not familiar with blockchain technical information, this means that it’s three times faster than Ethereum.

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