Everdragons: When Myth Becomes Reality

Everdragons is a blockchain based collectible game based on real life factors. Definetely an interesting game to watch.


Update 6/24/2020 Everdragons is no longer available to play.

Have you ever had a thing for dragons? Maybe you are a Game of Thrones fan, or your parents raised you with stories full of fire, kingdoms, and Braveheart dragons.

Now is the time to get your unique dragon on the blockchain

Watching this video before you continue reading is highly recommended.

What makes Everdragons unique?

Everdragons is a Crypto collectible game available on the ethereum network.

We are talking about the first blockchain collectible that is powered by real-life events. Compete with other players, trade on the marketplace, receive gems, and Ether by playing.

The game offers some cool abilities making the gameplay fun, addicted, and inspiring.

Win Gems.

Have you got your self into a fight? Overcome your opponent and win Gems. The more Gems you win with a particular dragon, the more it’s value grows. Also, your dragon can mine some gems by overseeing a mine and taking a cut from the process while you are offline. Gather Gems and use them to create Challenges.

Prestige, like EXP.

Your Everdragon also earns prestige for every fight you do. Prestige reflects your experience, and as it grows, you can access higher-tier games and more demanding challenges.

A high level of prestige may increase the value of the Everdragon.

everdragon egamersio
Generation Zero Everdragon Design. Look cool and really friendly. I might adopt it 🙂

Everdragons Domain.

No, it’s not a .com, an element determines a dragon’s domain. The game features Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Also, their colors may give them an advantage in certain games.

Power Source is more complicated than you think.

Everdragons have DNA, and powers beyond the blockchain drive them. Each dragon has a Power Source based on real-life events that directly affect your gameplay.

Let’s say, for example, that your dragon has TRON as a power source. If the price of Tron pumps, while you are in the game, it will make your dragon, will perform better. As simple as it sounds.

Different power sources are available, including sports teams, athletes, and more.

DNA, the true benefit of blockchain

Let’s say you buy a dragon, and this dragon is unique 100%. It means that there is no second one like yours, well, it might be similar, but it won’t be the same.

Let’s take, for example, Leauge of Legends here, there are tons of characters to purchase, but they are all the same, and if Riot decides to close the game, well, bye-bye then. In Everdragons, your character is unique, and its DNA contains information about his design, origin, color, power source, and domain. As always, there is no way to duplicate or change this information.

buy everdragon gen 0 egamers
The Price of the Particular Generation Zero Everdragon is 0.11 Eth. Roughly 51$ at the present time.

What to look for in Everdragons

It’s an ERC721.

Every Everdragon is an ERC-721 Token and lives on the Ethereum Blockchain. The owner has the only key to this Everdragon. Everdragons can’t be deleted, changed, or taken away. 

The Marketplace is for Trading.

Purchase your first dragon through the decentralized marketplace. At a later date, you might be able to sell that dragon for a profit.

Join the Contest.

Win your valuable Gems, get the prestige you always wanted, and, most importantly, win some ether by taking part in the in-game contests. Get your dragon ready for epic battles—contests relay on real-life events.

Everdragons Elements Symbols. The four elements are: Air, Fire, Earth & Water.
Everdragons Elements Symbols. The four elements are: Fire, Air, Earth & Water.

How to Play Everdragons?

Let’s begin with the basics. You need a dragon. The most affordable ones come with a price tag of 0.1Eth, which is around 50$ at the time of writing this post. If you can spend a little extra, I have found Generation 0 Dragons, the leading dragon generation for as low as 0.11 eth.

Everdragons is an ethereum game, so you will need a Dapp browser. I suggest MetaMask, a plugin for Chrome, Firefox, or Brave Browser.