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Everything We Know About The Dissolution GOD-Tier Skin Auction

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The Multiverse FPS Game Dissolution revealed a skin image from the upcoming God-Tier skin auction through Twitter an hour ago. Following the sold-out MFT Sale, where 15,000 DFTs (MFTs) sold in less than 24 hours, the popular Blockchain game prepares for the first-ever item skin sale labeled as “GOD-Tier” on November 12th using the OpenSea platform.

Watching the revealed image carefully, you can see a probably Egyptian-themed background with a helmet that reminds us of Star Wars and blue-lights all over the skin.

From what we know so far, there will be three one-of-a-kind God-Tier skins for the Zencor Corporation. The game features in-game corporations, and Zencor is one of them. They specialize in Railguns manufacturing.

Each GOD-Tier skin is unique with its own animation set, sound, and particle effects. Inspired by the Gods of ancient civilizations and mythologies, its the most badass look in-game.

dissolution god skin sale guns

Here’s the breakdown of skins that are going to be available on the sale.

  • 10 Legendary Skins with different particle effects and sounds
  • 500 Diamond Skins with particle effects and sounds 
  • 2,500 Platinum Skins with edited item’s texture set and bump-mapped surface details.
  • 5,000 Gold Skins with an intricate pattern or image on the gun.
  • Infinite supply: Silver Skins with a basic pattern such as camo.
  • Infinite supply: Bronze skins with simple color variations on the base gun.

We reached out to Houston, CEO of Dissolution, and asked him about the upcoming sale. 

“I’m proud to announce that we’re only 2-3 months out from being officially in Stage 2 of our development, which will feature a combined arms map where players can enjoy FPS combat in combination with Dogfighting in space. Although we’ve come a long way, we’re in a very critical period for our development currently: the lack of resources to bring on the proper talent to our team is bottlenecking our development pace. I’m hopeful that this sale will help us crowdfund enough capital to bring on another five key members to the Dissolution team so that we can build the game that we all want to play.”

Houston – ceo of garage studios

Play to Earn – Not Pay to Win

And that’s important. Dissolution is a game that won’t sell any guns or OP armors. By holding a DFT, you are getting an increased in-game revenue but not any combat advantage over the opponent. The game takes the path of Play-to-Earn, allowing players to freely trade ENJ-Backed ERC-1155 Skins rather than firearms that would kill the user experience.

The game recently became available on the Enjin Mainnet, everyone can play and earn some items! Additionally, some new gameplay elements have been added including a SinglePlayer Prologue and new 1vs1 and 2v2 maps.

In the near future, we expect the following updates:

  • Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch
  • pvp dogfighting game-mode
  • Maybe a combined arms game-mode with infantry and ship combat

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