Exoplanets Mining Contest Launching January 1st

The Multiplayer 3D space game Exoplanets is celebrating the new year with a mining contest!

Starting January 1st and until January 14th, the ExoPlanets beta game timer will be adjusted to refresh the galaxy every hour instead of every 8 hours, and the galaxy will contain 100 resources in each refresh! That’s right – A new round and more resources every hour! 

During the contest, players will be able to mine lots of ExoTokens and compete for Ether prizes. The top 3 with the most mined tokens will receive Ether rewards!

In order to participate in the contest, you must own an ExoPlanet, but if you don’t, a special sale is ongoing with 20 ExoPlanets Tokens bonus!

exoplanets gif

The prize for the first place is 5 ETH + 17% Life Rate TRON Exoplanet.

Second place gets 3 ETH and a +12% Life Rate NEO Exoplanet.

For the 3rd place, winner gets 1 ETH with a +8% Life Rate Dogecoin ExoPlanet.