Both Android & iOS users will be able to play Forest Knight just like an ordinary game and battle for their kingdom!


Players in Forest Knight will be able to win ENJ-Backed items and Multiverse assets to play and trade.


Experience the leading gaming network with true item ownership. J jump between games with a single inventory and the same items.

About Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a blockchain and multiverse enabled mobile turn-based strategy game. Players can build their Kingdoms and live by the sword in the fantasy world of Chronville.
As a crypto game, Forest Knight uses Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for the in-game assets. Your champions and some in-game items are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and you can access them through the Enjin Wallet. They are yours to keep, play or sell! Forest Knight combines single player elements with Arena Battles and more MMO features.

What Can I Do in Forest Knight

Once Forest Knight is available in the upcoming weeks, players will be able to build their own Kingdom and collect taxes twice a day from buildings. Monetizing your kingdom is an interesting feature in Forest Knight and players will be able to enter the PVP Arena for glory and rewards. By playing the game, you will receive the in-game currency which you can use to gear up your team and become stronger! The game also will utilize a Mana system and much more to come in the future!

Forest Knight is a free to play game. Through fair and non-intrusive monetization, the game will avoid Pay to Win characteristics.


Some assets in Forest Knight are ERC-1155 Multiverse assets. Use them in various triple A games that spark the blockchain gaming era!

Why Forest Knight

Free to Play with awesome cartoonish graphics, balanced fights and multiverse support in combination with daily rewards is what Forest Knight stands for.

Forest Knight held a successful presale, a successful mentorship program and they care about the community. Make sure you check out the game and all its features in their Medium page or articles. Forest Knight has $15,000 locked within in-game items. Visit EnjinX for more details and all assets preview. You will be amazed 🙂