Get Your Time Capsule Gift From Silica Nexus

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The Cross-Reality project Silica Nexus is giving away a time capsule to everyone this Christmas!

The project connects games and experiences under one umbrella through cross-reality technology. People from all around the world will be able to claim arcade tickets and exchange them for in-game items through selected arcade kiosks and Silica Nexus software.

Until today, SN has brought on-board multiple known blockchain games including Space Misfits, Dissolution and others. The early version of their system is expected to release in 2020 and it will include a digital marketplace in addition to the physical arcade machines.

To claim your time capsule, download the Android version of trade binder app, go to Redeem Prize Nexus and scan the QR code below. iOS users will be able to do this through the website for now, until the app is ready.

silica nexus time capsule

Alternative, enter this URL string as the code into your cart: http://fund.silicanexus.com/tb-a

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