GFTB Podcast: Karel Striegel CEO of Arkane Network

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For the second episode of Games From The Block, George Tsagkarakis is discussing with Karel Striegel about the recent ATARI and Matic network partnerships as well as how Arkane Network is helping centralized and decentralized applications to take advantage of the blockchain technology with a user-friendly way.

Arkane is on a mission to solve adoption issues such as onboarding non-blockchainers to games and dapps using a username and a password for 9 different blockchains. With their APIs, anyone can easily integrate blockchain into almost any project and receive top-grade support.

Karel Striegel

Karel Striegel is a the CEO and Co-founder of Arkane Network. He has 15 years of experience as DevOps Engineer and currently working on the blockchain industry offering an easy way of communication between blockchain and applications. Karel resides in Belgium and speaks 4 different languages.

Visit Arkane Network website.