Founders Mission Ended. You Guys Are Awesome!
You Can Join The Investigators Mission & All Other Missions Until We Announce The Winners in The Upcoming Days.

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Founders Mission

This Mission will go down in history as the beginning of the Global Guerillas, the spark that started a worldwide movement.

Global Guerillas (GG) plans to become a massive social sharing game that crosses between the physical and the online world. The goal of Global Guerillas is to spread the Enjin Gaming Multiverse to all gamers worldwide

The following Global Guerilla challenges will be for the Enjin Community, Blockchain Gamers, and any gaming fan around the globe who believes in true digital asset ownership!

How to Become a Founder

Some choose their mission, while others are chosen by the mission.

The Founders Mission is designed to bring the Enjin Multiverse and all its games to your very own towns, cities, neighborhoods, and doorsteps. We are beginning, we are the the GG founders, and it is up to us to spread our cause worldwide.

Your task is simple. Founders will be placing GG posters on pillars and stores, which will challenge people to download the Enjin Wallet and scan a QR Code containing 3 different tokens. Each token is a Global Guerillas Champion with a backstory and a mission for its owner to carry out on Twitter.

The participants of the Founders Mission will have to place at least 5 of the Global Guerillas posters around their area and follow the instructions to become one of the first Multiverse supporters who took action in Real Life.

Of course, those who carry out this mission will be rewarded with a Global Guerillas Founders token which will grant access to the additional Global Guerillas Missions. Official GG Founders will also receive the 3 champion tokens to hodl, gift or trade. Those who place the most posters will compete for incredible prizes.

Looking for more action? You can also join the Investigator Mission and make sure no one is trying to cheat the game!

Ready to join the Founders mission?

You can only participate once! Additional entries won't be accepted.

Step 1: Download & Print the Global Guerillas Poster.

If you are located in USA or Canada, you are most probably using the US Letter paper dimensions. The rest of the world uses A4 paper. The print must be colorful and full page dimensions.

Step 2: Place the posters around your area and take pictures with your smartphone.

Please follow our instructions carefully.
1) You can only participate once. You can't place more posters after you submit your entry. Think wise if you are after an Enjin MFT.
2) The poster print must be colourful and full page dimensions (A4-US Letter)
3) Do not place the posters in places you are not allowed. We are not reliable for your actions. Please be responsible!
4) 1 Poster = 1 Picture. If your picture contains multiple posters, it won't get accepted.
5) Take a picture from distance. The surrounding environment must be clearly visible, otherwise the picture won't be accepted.
6) Pictures must be decent quallity, we won't accept blurred images and pictures with filters etc.

gg poster examples website

Step 3: Upload the pictures to Facebook Group.

We use our Facebook Group to conduct the Founders Mission so all pictures are publicly visible.

If you plan to place less than 42 posters, publish them all in one post. If you plan to place more than 42 posters, publish them in multiple posts. You will have to provide us with the posts link(s) in the form.

Step 4: Submit the required details to the form.

Completing the form is mandatory. Otherwise we won't be able to track your progress.

Keep in mind the following:

You can only participate once in the Founders Mission. (and all missions except the investigator one)

If you post pictures that you don't own, or upload duplicate pictures, you will get banned from all missions. No exceptions will made, nor we will accept "by mistake" excuses. Play fair, don't spoil the party.

We will do regular mints, feel free to join all Missions and you will receive the Founders Token in the next mint.

Winners will be announced in the Multiverse Era Channel two weeks after the competition end.

Founders Mission Prizes

Each Global Guerillas Mission has its own Prize List, but the one which matters the most is the Founders one. The founders participants are the backbone of the Global Guerillas Social Sharing Game and we ought to give the best rewards from all 5 missions.



The Multiverse Founders’ Tokens provide access to perpetual rewards from Enjin and the other founders of the Multiverse. Each MFT is valued approximately 3,000 ENJ, which currently equates to more than $520.


Tony is a war machine. Only 4 Tony T-Shirts will ever exist.
Not available for purchase. The product comes with an Authenticity Token.


Nemesis, the elite squad of GG. Only 12 T-Shirts exist.
Not available for purchase. Delivered with an Authenticity Token.


The Multiverse Founders Token of the upcoming Enjin powered game "The Six Dragons" is a must have! Awarded to the 3 first!


Claim one of the 65 Enjin themed Blockchain Cuties. 50 are reserved for the first founders mission participants.


The FIO Express token is an elite troop of servicemen! This Multiverse token is payable in more than 22 Multiverse Games!


Major Tom is the faster astraunaut in the crypto universe! Playable in more than 22 Multiverse games, it's the perfect reward for every crypto gamer.


The Age of Rust (AOR) MFT is one the most valuable Multiverse Founders Tokens someone can hodl! The game will reward owners with exclusive airdrops!


Born in the eye of a gigantic cyclone, Ukuduma is said to protect the Kriptomat realm against ferocious summer storms.


Win 10 of then 40 Meltoid Tokens shared in the Global Guerillas competition. Meltoid is the author of the popular Enjin Themed Meltelbrot Series.


The first Multiverse Brotherhood playable item! This ERC-1155 blockchain asset is playable in the Forest Knight Multiverse game!


The Founders Badge is one of the very first ERC-1155 tokens minted. Owners have access to the secret group. Only 150 exist.

Prizes will be awared as follow

The top 40 participants who place the most posters will receive an Enjin MFT.

The 1st who places the most posters will also receive a Collectible Tony T-Shirt with an authenticity token, a Six Dragons MFT and a Kriptomat Ukuduma Blue Dragon M.

2nd & 3rd will receive in addition a Nemesis T-shirt with authenticity token along with a Six Dragons MFT.

4th Place will be awarded with an Age Of Rust MFT.

The first 50 participants will receive an Enjin themed Blockchain Cutie.

All the rest prizes will be given out randomly.

Investigator Global Guerillas

The Investigator Mission

We would like to give an active roll to all Founders rather than placing posters! The investigator mission rewards all those who protect the Founders Mission from those who might try to cheat the game in any way. Found a duplicate photo or someone uploaded a picture he doesn't own? Fill the form below and claim awesome Multiverse prizes!


The one with the most succesfull reports will receive 1 Shield of Lorek . For the rest mission participants we will randomly choose 40 people to receive 20 FIO Express and 20 Major Tom tokens. Also, we might have something extra in store for those who pay extra attention to this mission. If there are no cheaters or less entries than the prizes, this will make us super happy and we will share the remaining prizes with the Founders Mission participants.

The Global Guerillas

Global Guerillas (GG) is a social game that crosses between the physical world and the online world. The Founders will place posters around the world and every individual can experience the amazing technology of Enjin Blockchain.

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What is The Multiverse?

The Multiverse is a multi-dimensional realm of interconnected games powered by the Enjin development platform and the Ethereum Blockchain. We believe the Multiverse is the key to sovereignty and freedom for gamers throughout planet Earth.

Players of multiverse games can own their virtual items forever, trade them freely, and cash them in for cryptocurrency. But most importantly, they can jump from game to game using their inventory of multiverse items in every participating gaming realm.

Game developers can use this as a way to attract more players, raise the value of their in-game items, and galvanize engaged communities by allowing them to trade and collect valuable items in a fun, meaningful, and productive way.

The Global Guerillas Store

Global Guerillas clothing is the world's first apparel line delivered with Authenticity Tokens.
With each purchase you will receive an authenticity token straight to your Enjin Wallet.
By getting a T-shirt or a hoodie you support the Global Guerillas movement, MvB and
All Authenticty tokens are limited to 500 except the Founders token which is 100.
We will never offer more of these.

Original Global Guerillas apparel

Founders T-Shirt

Founders T-Shirt


The Multiverse Maker

Global Guerillas

The Official T-Shirt


The Adoption Champion


The Master of Persuasion

Global Guerillas Hoodie

Founder Hoodie

Stormy Hoodie

Franky Hoodie

Smokie Hoodie

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