Editors note 2/1/2021: The particular game is not playable any more.

Glitch Goons is a PVP dueling game where you send your character on a 1v1 duel with other people. Duels are purely automated which means you cannot do anything during the duel to affect the outcome of the duel. Glitch Goons is available on both PC and mobile and is free to play with in-game purchases.


Every player gets a free in-game champion to start playing Glitch Goons with the ability to choose from 5 different champions prior to the battle. Once you go for battle, you will not be able to change your character or change any equipment until the battle is over.
Every player will have 10 chest slots and are not expandable. Winning a quick-fight will grant you a chest and chests can be opened every 3 hours. Once you max out your chest slots, you will not be able acquire others and you will be greeted with a hint.

GlitchGoons full chest

Besides quick fighting, every player will also be able to participate in league battles. Everyone will start out from the Iron League and slowly climb their way up the ranks! Every league is divided into multiple divisions and players have to win all the opponents in the division in order to progress to the next tier. Once you claimed victory over all the players from all the league’s division and once the time runs out, you will be awarded a League Chest and advance to the next tier.

GlitchGoons league

Tower of Death

GlitchGoons new mode

Glitch Goons has recently released a new mode called Tower of Death. This new mode does not require any entry fee and you can play the mode as much as you want. When you enter the Tower of Death, a random character will be assigned to you and in each level you will be able to select 1 of 3 random perks for your character.

GlitchGoons perk

Your character will then go on a 1v1 fight with a randomly generated opponent with random perks as well. If you win the battle, you will advance to the next round where you get to select another 1 of 3 random perks for your character. If you lose at any stage of the game, your progress gets forfeited and you will start from the beginning. Every 5 wins will bring you to a checkpoint where you will be given the option to collect your reward till that stage or to continue on the journey for higher rewards.

GlitchGoons checkpoint 1


Everyone starts out with common characters and items. You can take look at the character guide here. Try to focus on one character at the start until you get a better rarity of each character. All chest in your chest slots will be automatically unlocked after a certain time which is shown under each chest.

GlitchGoons chest slots

Upgrading characters and equipment will require EXP potions which is mainly obtainable from chests. Try to max out your chest slots all the time to gather more resources for upgrading your equipment. You can also acquire better rarity equipment and characters from chests as well. There will be a free chest in the shop every 12 hours as well so claim it whenever you can.
Depending on the character you are using, it will be good that your equipment compliments the character as well. You might want to go for equipment which adds defense if your character has weak defense stats. If you have time, grinding levels from Tower of Death and collecting your loot from the earlier checkpoints will grant you a decent amount of exp potions. Since Tower of Death has no cooldown or entry fee, you will be able to acquire those exp potions in a faster time rather than waiting on the chests to be opened.

Our friends at Block Decentral have an interesting video for the Tower of Death.

Glitch Goons Review

Glitch Goons is a very straightforward and easy to play PVP game. You can definitely keep it free to play and even earn money from it. If you ever manage to acquire epic rarity items, you will be able to sell them on the open markets. Going into battle doesn’t require much time either and you can easily fill up your chest slots when you are on your way to work or traveling.
There is a giveaway for Game Coins as well which is the cryptocurrency for Ether Dale games which includes Glitch Goons. Be sure to download the CoinDreams app to take a look!

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