Hedgie pilot tournament recap and limited edition Raptor Hedgie giveaway

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Hedgie is a game where you own hedgehogs and sent them on journeys to collect various resources. Recently, Hedgie hosted their very first Hedgie Tournament where there were limited spots available. The spots were filled up super fast but I managed to be part of the tournament. The tournament was held on discord and this is how it unfolded.

Hedgie Tournament

A total of 10 players participated in the tournament using a round robin system. Every player had to have a minimum of 90 Curio in their account to qualify. Before each round, every player has to stake 10 Curio and the winner gets 15 Curio and the remaining 5 Curio goes into the tournament prize pool. The entire prize pool goes to the ultimate winner in the tournament so there is no holding back. Here are the full set of tournament rules.

Hedgie tournament rules

I’ll walkthrough one of the matches I had during the tournament. In this round, I had to select my Hedgie first and my opponent could pick his Hedgie after seeing what I chose. After both of us had locked in our Hedgie, it was time to battle.

Hedgie tournament challenge

By comparing the stats from both Hedgies, the one who has a higher power in an attribute get 1 point. This was the final score from this battle.

Hedgie points tally

Unfortunately for me, the kingdom we had to battle in was the desert which my Hedgie had a severe disadvantage in and that was the crucial game decider for this round.

Hedgie desertround

After all the matches were played, I ended up losing most of it but it was a fun tournament to be in. The top winner walked away with 255 Curio and those close behind managed to end the tournament on a positive Curio balance as well.
One thing to take away from this tournament is that Hedgie levels played a part as well. Also, for those who might not have too many Hedgies to utilise, you might want to upgrade your attributes when you level up to make your Hedgie an all-rounder. Overall, it was a fun experience and this indeed shed more light on how Hedgie levels will come into play.

Hedgie 1st official tournament

Hedgie will be hosting their next tournament on June 18th at 10AM EST. Be sure to head over to their discord and drop a PM to their admin to register.

Raptor Hedgie giveaway

Hedgie is celebrating the NBA playoffs win of the Toronto Raptors and is giving away a limited edition Raptor Hedgie.

Hedgie telegram raptor

Be sure to follow the instructions and head over to their telegram to stand a chance to win!


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