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Hedgie Released New Updates

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Hedgie is a pet adventuring game where you send your Hedgies, your very own cute hedgehog pets, to go on adventures to find Curio or resources to upgrade your Hedgie house! Players will get one free Hedgie upon creating their account but the attributes of the Hedgie will be completely random. Subsequent Hedgies can be purchased for $10USD with free minting and it will cost $10 if you want to mint your free Hedgie as well. Minting a Hedgie will allow being traded or sold on platforms such as opensea.

Hedgie has gone through some sweet updates and here is some coverage on them!

Hedgie levels

Hedgie will gain XP when returning from journeys now.

Every Hedgie will have an XP bar and will level up when the bar fills.

Hedgie level

When your Hedgie levels up you will be able to increase one of the attributes by spending XP points.

It is possible to max out any Hedgie stats by levelling them up and increasing their attributes using XP points.

Hedgie attributes


This is the update every player was wanting to see and now we got it! Hedgie has its very own marketplace where you can purchase items using Curio.

Hedgie marketplace phone

There is the main prize of an iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S10 up for grabs but is definitely not an easy task. For players who like the game very much or just wanting to expand your Hedgie army, you can also exchange Curio for special Hedgies. You can read more about special Hedgies here.

Hedgie BTChedgie

There are other deals in the marketplace as well so be sure to check on them regularly!


The inventory is much neater now and is properly sorted according to their rarity and type.

Hedgie inventory

There are also some new boost which will greatly assist in gaining Curio or completing the weekly events.

Hedgie alfalfa
Hedgie diamond

Try to hold some in your inventory, you never know when it might come in handy!


It is easier to navigate around the site now and everything looks neater and nicer. The main tabs are being shown at the top of the screen as well.

Hedgie tabs

Hedgie is holding weekly events to reward players who meet the requirements with Curio. Be sure to head over to their telegram to find out what the challenge of the week is!

Hedgie has progressed nicely and a lot more in the store waiting to be released. You can read more about gameplay here. Hedgie is free to play so start your Hedgie journey right away!


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