Editors note 2/1/2021: The particular game is not playable any more.

HODL St (HODL Street) is the new simulator city building blockchain game based on Ethereum Network is gaining traction from the blockchain gaming community.

HODL St brings the all-time classic Sim City game on the blockchain with awesome illustrations, playfulness and smart gameplay based on an open map where players build for profits.

Once the game launches, players will be able to acquire properties in exchange for ETH (starting at 0.1ETH) and upgrade them in various stages including residential, commercial and business buildings. Each property has its own location, style, and level. Properties in HODL St are stored on the blockchain, meaning that you truly own them, forever.

HODL ST Blockchain Game
HODL ST in-Game District Preview

The game will be playable using any modern browser, including mobile devices and a supported Ethereum wallet like Metamask.

HODL St. is structured on four key gaming territories:

Land Ownership in HODL St:

Players will be able to buy land for just 0.1ETH. The amount of land is limited, thus, once the demand for land goes up, the land will cost more. The land is fully tradable, the player can hold it or sell it and it will be used to build structures that will reward players with ETH. 

Building in HODL St:

Building is the way to profit in HODL St blockchain game, there will be a variety of available buildings with special attributes and a dedicated profile page for each. There will be various categories including residential buildings, shops, and service buildings. For those who are willing to invest more, there will be special buildings available like water parks, palaces, and towers! Building comes at a cost which will start for as low as 0.01ETH.

Special Buildings in HODL ST.
Special Buildings in HODL ST.

Selling in HODL St:

HODL St will feature a decentralized marketplace secured on the Ethereum blockchain where players will be able to sell their properties. Any auction in the HODL St marketplace will have a duration, a starting, and an end price. This model is commonly used in blockchain games where you set a starting price of 1ETH (example) for 10 days and a final price at 0.5ETH. As time goes by the price will reach 0.5ETH in the 10th day.

Building HODL ST Blockchain Game
Building Illustration in HODL St.

Share in HODL St:

The homepage of HODL St blockchain game will be similar to what google maps is but instead of showing the real world, players will be able to see the blockchain-based land and buildings owned by other users. Each property comes with a custom profile page and URL link for sharing with others.

HODL St development team is based in Australia with members all around the world including England, Estonia, and New Zealand.


This is such an incredible opportunity for us to develop a cross-platform application; users are now able to engage with transactional data and learn how peer-to-peer networking demonstrates protection of rights through immutable records.

Aaron Magon – Technology Lead

You should read the Whitepaper of the game.

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