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Imperial Rush : The Blockchain MMO Strategy Game

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Imperial Rush is an upcoming MMO hybrid blockchain strategy game. Every hero is a unique collectible ERC-721 Token that can be transferred between multiple blockchains like Ethereum or Tron and players have the true ownership of their heroes and in-game assets.

The Bounty Campaign

In order to start playing, you have to own at least one hero. Right now, there is an opportunity given to the early adopters to get ahead of the game before the official release.

By completing easy tasks players can collect bounty coins that can be used to purchase limited heroes available only through the Bounty campaign period.

Heroes sold during the bounty campaign period (presale) are unique and most of them won’t be produced again. Owing one or more will help players to jump-start the game. By completing some media tasks, the necessary amount of 1000 tokens will be reached and the first champion can be acquired for free.

Looking to buy a hero? There are champions available for as low as 4$ with option to pay using TRX, ETH and FIAT.

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Imperial Rush blockchaingame mmo strategy cryptogame bountycampaign heroes

Imperial Rush Gameplay

The game takes place in a decentralized world where players can send their heroes to battle in order to earn valuable resources and territories. Once you claim your territory by establishing the Town Hall you can start building your empire. Build mines to extract resources, towers to protect your territory, and houses for your settlers.

Raise an army and form strategic alliances to protect your empire or attack other players. Win epic battles to earn new heroes. In every fight, players earn valuable crystals to unleash Heroes’ powers and unique abilities. Although heroes cannot be lost in the fight, a short period of time might be required in order to restore their powers.

Imperial Rush Hero blockchaingame cryptogames

Players can trade or sell their heroes and assets at the open market. Every game asset has its own value and gamers can mint recourses or siege their opponents. Some assets can be also traded on external exchanges.

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What to expect from Imperial Rush?

With a concept familiar to the blockbuster browser game Ikariam, Imperial Rush allows gamers to create an exciting world of lethal civilizations and endless battles. The game map is formed by the players where each one has to rule his kingdom in the best possible way. Collecting resources and summoning heroes will help advance in the game and of course, the decentralized market will open new revenue opportunities for hardcore and loyal Imperial Rush games.
Featuring splendid landscapes with green forests, mountains and deep lakes, the goal is to conquer everyone being an obstacle to the way for glory. Heroes can use unique abilities in each battle to overcome their opponents.

Wild Block, the company behind Imperial Rush

Founded on 2018, Wild Block has managed to raise $450,000 in a seed round to fund Magic Gear and Imperial Rush hybrid blockchain game.

“Magic Gear” is going to be a powerful toolkit for dApp developers, by allowing them to significantly reduce costs and publish their titles into multiple blockchains, it is expected to gain a lot of attention for the innovating next-generation developers. The core idea of Magic Gear is to simplify digital wallets use and spread the adoption of non-fungible tokens.

Don’t forget to visit Wild Block’s website.

To access the game you will need the Metamask plugin with an active Ethereum Game.

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