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Infinity Star 6th new character "Rain" update and pre-sale



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-7th tier item giveaway event to celebrate the 6th new character “Rain” update

-“Rain – Stinger class” item pre-sale to provide the opportunity to obtain higher tier items.

Infinity Star, an Ethereum based anime-style RPG and serviced by Seoul based Nodebrick Inc. updates its new 6th character “Rain”, scorpion-like Stinger class accompanied by the current five characters (Shasha, Yumi, Karen, Kate, and Luna) who’ve started their journey to escape the hidden and mysterious laboratory. 

Rain had been paralyzed from a childhood accident with most nerves destroyed almost to its core, and was a girl who lost her parents in that horrible accident. The Laboratory offered her a chance to rebuild her new life, encouraged her to participate in the experiment and to have a scorpion-type body optimized for battle after about 10 years of biometric experimentation. During the process, she confronts the five other main characters who try to escape from the hidden lab.

A Stinger-specific gear item will be sold on a pre-sale to strengthen her, culminating with the “Rain” character update at www.infinitystar.io. Infinity Star sells equipment as ERC 721-based NFT to support the growth of new characters and equally battle against existing characters. This pre-sale is only limited to the new character and will last for three weeks before it closes. 

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Aside from all these, we are also celebrating the lunar new year of 2020, and various events and UX improvements has been made. First of all, improvements in the dispatch system, UI and new grade system in the costume along with rarity and additional buff stats have been introduced. In addition, up to 7 tier Stinger class items will be awarded to several buyers via a lucky draw among those who have purchased pre-sale boxes. Also the Infinity Gate, which is required for NFT transfers, can be used for one month without a fee. It is expected that the NFT transfer on and off will become more active.

Infinity Star is revising the game based on continuous community feedback, making quick updates and optimization which the community is always eager to experience. We will continue to refine the game and keep it updated from January to February. 

Additional Information:

Website: https://www.infinitystar.io/

Game site: https://game.infinitystar.io

Telegram: https://t.me/Infinitystar0

Twitter: https://twitter.com/infinitystar_en

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/W7Hntec

Medium(English): https://medium.com/@infinitystar_en

About Nodebrick

Founded in the autumn of 2018, Nodebrick is pursuing a new game that combines the traditional game with crypto. In addition to the traditional game content, we want to share the increased value with the players, and through NFT, we are creating a game in which ownership is transparently disclosed.

We want to create a game that is fun to play and value-added driven by the voluntary game community, not to monopolize it solely, but to share the enhanced value with the players without losing the game’s essence – fun. We are proudly backed by Neptune Inc., Dunamu & Partners as well as crypto acceleration firm Hashed.

Link: https://www.nodebrick.com/

For further information or other commercial purposes, please contact:


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