Infinity Star Partners with MakerDao

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The new blockchain game, Infinity Star by Nodebrick announced a collaboration with MakerDao which will open up a lot of opportunities to both communities.

Infinity Start adopted DAI stablecoin and they are also considering accepting DAI as a payment to some of the seasonal sales, premium item trades as well as rewards for the players.

DAI seems the perfect way to explore the cryptocurrency world without having to fear about volatility, it’s no secret that new crypto-users wouldn’t appreciate this. A first-time crypto buyer will probably get disappointed when his 50$ in ETH become 45$ and so on. Nodebrick team is well aware of it and working closely with MakerDao to take care of crypto-newbies.

“We always believe that strategic and meaningful partnerships is the key to bringing in more value to the community and to our users. The partnerships we undertake realize these beliefs across how we are building Infinity Star. Having said this, we couldn’t be more excited to have MakerDao in our corner”

Huey Shin, Nodebrick CEO
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The Korean game is under the presale phase and everyone can acquire loot-boxes with in-game items for as low as 0.05 ETH. Visit the official website to find all the information you need regarding drop rates, item rates and gear.

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