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Infinity Star Presale Begins 26 of August



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The presale of the Korean Game Infinity Star starts tomorrow, 26 of August and players will be able to acquire loot-boxes that include various items that will be extremely difficult to get once presale is over.

During the presale, Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Epic, and Legend loot boxes will become available for early adopters.

Infinity Star is an Action Role-Playing Game (RPG) set in a dystopian future with characters who escaped an evil research lab. Fight in epic battles and craft your own items! The game is built on Ethereum blockchain and you will be able to play using any modern browser, as its HTML5 based.

Fight in 3vs 3 battle as well as PVE and proceed to the next stages by defeating all enemies. Earn rewards through playing and recruit new champions to your team. With the loot earned, you can craft and enhance your items. All items are ERC721 and you can freely trade them in any marketplace. The game is expected to launch on September 2019.

About The Presale

Starting from 0.05 ETH, you can acquire an uncommon loot-box to begin playing once the game goes live. Below you can find the prices and type of loot-boxes available.

All the crates include any of the following: Weapon, Armor, and Accessories.

  • Uncommon
    One tier 2 to 6 Uncommon or upper-grade item will be randomly given.
    Price: 0.05ETH
  • Rare
    One tier 3 to 8 Rare or upper-grade item will be randomly given.
    Price: 0.2 ETH
  • Unique
    One tier 3 to 8 Unique or upper-grade item will be randomly given.
    Price: 0.5 ETH
  • Epic
    One tier 4 to 8 Epic or upper-grade item will be randomly given.
    Price: 1 ETH
  • Legend
    One tier 4 to 8 Legend or upper-grade item will be randomly given.
    Price: 1.8 ETH

Claim Free Items

Receive 10 lowers and intermediate enhancement stones by clicking the pre-register button.

Claim Your Free Items

Website: https://www.nodebrick.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/Infinitystar0

Twitter: https://twitter.com/infinitystar_en

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