Inside TronGoo – The Interview

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TronGoo launched on the TRON Blockchain as an upgraded version of the classic EtherGoo, and it was a great success. This browser-based click-game managed to increase TRX’s price by 10%.

EtherGoo was a fascinating game, but as Ethereum’s congestion issues appeared, transactions required an eternity to complete, resulting in a negative experience for the players.

As a TRON Arcade member, a game fund with 100 Million USD to be allocated for game development, we had the chance to discuss with James, lead developer of TronGoo, and learn a few exciting things.

Without further ado, lets get to the interview.

James, it’s great to have you with us!

EtherGoo was a blockbuster in crypto gaming, and it seems the redesigned version, TronGoo, is experiencing the same success as it managed to increase TRX price by 10%.

To begin with my first question, can you highlight the reasons for choosing TRON Blockchain instead of other popular platforms like EOS?

The main reasons were a combination of Tron’s recent explosion in Dapp activity over December (I started getting suggestions from my community I should port Goo across once they saw how well other ports like ShrimpFarm did). The fact that Tron supports solidity for smart contracts made it easy to migrate the original Goo game to their platform.

The game launch was very successful, TRX price surged by 10% after the TronGoo launch, it’s stunning that a single game managed to move the economy of a top 10 cryptocurrency. How would you comment on this success?

We’re very happy with how the TronGoo launch went, and are hoping all our players are extra happy they purchased Tron to play before the price surge(!)

Now here is a question that came up when I first played EtherGoo, how did you come up with this idea?

I play a lot of traditional old-school flash idle games (Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes, etc.), and when I saw that the genre’s passive progression fits well with a blockchain contract (which costs per interaction), I just had to try it. EtherGoo was largely just a proof of concept for myself. I didn’t expect it to grow to such a community!

TronGoo The redesigned version of EtherGoo now available on the Tron Blockchain and officially part of TRON Arcade

You are one of the first games that joined TRON Arcade. How is your cooperation going today? How did you join Tron Arcade in the first place?

It is going well. They have helped spread the news of TronGoo’s arrival to the Tron platform and brought more awareness to our Goo brand. It is useful for a small team such as ourselves (was just myself on EtherGoo). I believe they reached out to the dev assisting with migrating TronGoo (Mr.F) once they heard the news of it.

In the TronGoo announcement, we can see that that the game is under development by you and the Tron Shrimp Farm developers. How the developers of two of the most explosive Tron games came together?

Since last April, I’ve known Mr.F (creator of TronShrimpFarm) through the CryptoGamingTalk discord community when all the ethereum Dapps start popping up. When I saw how well the migration of TronShrimpFarm went (and with how busy I was myself), I offered to team up to use his experience to bring the Goo franchise to the Tron platform.

What difficulties have you encountered developing TronGoo? Have you used the TRON TVM Switch, or you coded it from scratch?

I am perhaps not the best to answer this as Mr.F did most of the migration/integration side. However, because TVM supports solidity, we could reuse most of the original Goo smart contracts. Most of our difficulty was in the new website interface we designed for TronGoo, which was from scratch to allow for mobile support (as many Tron community players play from a mobile wallet).

Can you tell us what’s under the hood? How can someone earn TRX? How does the system share the rewards to players?

TronGoo rewards smart players who plan their gameplay, i.e., picking the most effective upgrades for their units. TRX is distributed automatically to players daily based on their relative production %, so a player with more “goo production” will receive more rewards.

What more should we expect from TronGoo in the future? Are you planning game updates or designing your next TRON game?

We have several small game updates planned (along with new units, items & upgrades), including highly requested features such as cosmetics/skins and player profiles. It is likely after the success of TronGoo I will be considering a bigger Goo sequel towards the end of 2019, potentially named Gootopia.

Where do you see Blockchain Gaming in 5 years from now, and more specifically, how will TRON gaming perform in the long run? 

I think it is very early stages in blockchain gaming, and see it rapidly expanding over the next 1-2 years (with bigger & more polished mainstream studios joining in on the action). Adoption is still slow because of the entry barriers, but mobile wallets and Tron’s improved UX (auto sign) and lower fee’s (& faster blocks) may help speed mainstream adoption up.


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