Join The Development of Community Crypto Game by BlockDecentral

Community Crypto Game by BlockDecentral

A new exciting project is going around to develop a Community Crypto Game by BlockDecentral!

Whether you are a developer or just a player, you can join their discord and participate! All opinions are welcomed and greatly appreciated!

To get some more insights around the upcoming community game, we have reached out to BlockDecentral and asked a few questions.

Let’s get straight to them!

Why are you making a game on the blockchain?

As crypto continues to expand and emerge in the mainstream, the technical side will be important, which means coding and programming. Instead of learning to code and make a game on my own, I figured I might as well learn with the community, so we can all become crypto developers and be a part of creating a blockchain game in every aspect of making it.

How will this game be made?

This game will be entirely made by the community, from game style to assets we put in the game and mechanics we use, will all be decided by the community. The reason for this is so everyone can get a chance to have a say in the creation, and even be able to work on it and be an official creator of the game, we want the creation to be as decentralized as possible

What blockchain are you going to take this on?

We are going to be learning solidity while making it, so the plan is to have it launch on either ethereum or Tron and port it to the other, so we can be on more than one blockchain for the most users

How is this game going to associate with your crypto VR group?

Our first goal for this project is to get the game completed. Once done and we’re working on all the extras, well look into importing it over into VR to be part of the ever-growing virtual reality world.

What kind of game are you going to make?

So far, the community seems to want to go with an RPG style game. We plan to add lots of features like a TCG mode and character classes, all by community demand. If someone wants it and the community agrees, it will happen.

How can someone participate in the game creation?

Our discord is where the main discussion is going down. We have an open google doc where anyone can see the game details, and if you send me your email, I can add you to edit and help work on the game features. Once we get the main game idea done, we’ll start hitting the coding side.

What is the current roadmap for this game?

We plan to develop and work on this game continually. Anyone can work at any time. We create the game on the community time scale. The plan is to have the first official version released by 2020, but there is a chance to delay.