Kingdoms Beyond Founder Sale

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Limited edition heroes are now available in the Kingdoms Beyond Founder Sale. The sale is taking place in three phases and those heroes will never be available again. Each phase contains different types of heroes. Right now, Warriors are available, with Archers and Mages to follow in the next phases.

Participants can join the sale using their Credit Card or Ethereum (ETH) and there are three different types of chests available:

  • Basic Chest: 0.0238 ETH or $5
  • Premium Chest: 0.095 ETH or $20
  • Founder Chest: 0.238 ETH or $50

By purchasing a chest, one hero is guaranteed and you also have two chances to roll either a hero, a weapon, a misc, or a pet. In addition, you can loot your chest throughout all three phases. Only the pool of loot will change due to transition through the phases.

Kingdoms Beyond

All heroes obtained during the founder’s sale will have an exclusive FOUNDER SERIES tag so as a result, the only way to purchase one in the future is by other players that already own them.

Kingdoms Beyond

Are You Lucky Enough?

Genesis Heros are only 25 in existence and backed by 1 ETH each.

Those heroes have unique abilities in the game and are hidden in the founder’s sale chests.

Join Now The Founder Sale

About Heroes in Kingdoms Beyond.

In the game, heroes are backed by a certain amount of ETH. Every hero begins with a lower amount so as a result, you have to level up in order to unlock your heroe’s true ETH backing. Players can use their hero to proceed with the game, sell them for a profit or burn them and claim the backed amount of ETH.

In order to fund this, Kingdoms Beyond is donating 10% of all purchases to a player fund that will be used to distribute back to the player base. This fund will be used certainly for token backing as well as player events.

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