Knightlands Kicks-off Imperial Bazaar Presale

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The newest TRON game, Knightlands, that we recently introduced to you has begun with the presale phase and you can acquire loot boxes for as low as 500TRX. ($7.50)

The current presale is a gigantic event called “The Imperial Bazaar” and all the items inside the loot boxes are unique, meaning that they won’t be ever again available.

Knightlands features a lot of enjoyable elements including Community Raids, PVP battles and much more! Below you can find a small list of what you can do in-game.

Knightlands - TRON RPG With Profit Sharing

Worth to mention that Knightlands is a profit-sharing game, 55% of the DKT dividend pool will be shared among the DKT Holders.

Presale Lootboxes

The available loot boxes are:

  • 3000 Herald’s Boxes – 7,50$
  • 2000 Protectors’ Crates – 15$
  • 1500 Councils’ Chests – 77$
  • 700 King’s Treasures – 115$

All the loot boxes have chances to drop legendary items and they come with DKT tokens, in-game gold, and other great stuff!

In the image below you can see what is inside each loot box.

knightlands presale

The drop rate of each Loot Box is described below.

knightlands presale

Nearing the huge center square of High Castle, you hear the Herald screaming from afar….
“Come near, come near folks, everybody can participate or watch the Knight’s shining treasures emerge.”

Visit the Presale

The Knightlands Tron Game Royal Giveaway


 Sign-Up for the Royal Welcome Gift and receive the following assets:

  •  25 000 Gold Coins
  •  Rusty Key
  •  Kings Guards Sword
  •  Full Energy Potion

The Royal Welcome Gift is limited time so hurry up and don’t lose it.

To claim it, all you have to do is talk to the @squire_bot or sign-up for the newsletter. A TRON Wallet such as TronLink is required.

Visit Knightlands Website

Read our Knightlands Presentation.

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