Knightlands – TRON RPG With Profit Sharing

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Today we have a special game for you! It’s called Knightlands, and its an upcoming TRON RPG Game with Profit Sharing.

I know what you are thinking, do i have to deposit my life-savings into another gamified blockchain dapp? Straight answer, NO! Thankfully, Knightlands is a game and not a gambling dapp masked behind the “game” word that requires 10TRX every time you press a button. The game is going to be a browser-based game with TRC-721 Assets and 55% profit sharing as dividends that you earn while playing!

The game will feature Pets, Community Raids PVP battles and many more elements that create enjoyable gameplay for all ages. Below is a list of what you will be able to do.

The Presale will take place on September 1st. Make sure you check out the game once it launches as there is going to be daily login rewards!

Knightlands tron blockchain game

Mint Your Assets in Knightlands

As you play and progress in the game, you will be able to craft your own items. Once an item reaches the epic rarity, you will be able to mint it on the blockchain as TRC-721. This element ensures that the in-game marketplace won’t fill with thousands of common and rare items. As a result, you will have to play and upgrade your assets in order to truly own them.

Knightlands will have a huge variety of items that you can earn through a number of methods and as rewards, including but not limited to Potions, Weapons, Armor, Capes, Boots, and Pets.

Knightlands knight stats

Evolve Your Knights

Knights are the primary champions of Knightlands TRON Game. Gain experience by completing quests, Raids, and PvP. With each level up, your knight will receive additional Stamina, Luck, Health, Energy and Attack points that will make him powerful. Moreover, upgrading your Knight will give you access to specific zones and items that require a higher level to be equipped.

knightlands slots

The DKT Dividend Token

There will be a number of ways to earn DKT tokens (TRC20) by playing the game. We have gathered all the aspects that reward you with tokens in the list below.

  • Leaderboard Rewards
  • Game purchases
  • Special In-Game Rewards
  • Daily reward with Premium Subscription
  • Loot drops from Raids
  • DKT mines (Prosperity Expansion III – Land)

As you can see, there are multiple ways to earn DKT, of course, as a TRC20 token you can acquire it through any decentralized (and not only) exchange.

DIVIDENT token allocation

Knightlands Roadmap

There are a lot of game upgrades planned for Knightlands Tron Game in the near future including different blockchains, castles, guilds a many more! Expansions are going to add vital gameplay elements that will expand the game in overall. While there is no timeline for the upcoming updates, it is expected to finish them all by Q4 2020.

  • Prosperity I: The Age of Castles

Knightlands will have a castle system with a number of features including crafting and training.

  • Prosperity II – Brotherhood of Guilds

The Guilds system upgrade. You will be able to form your own guild and battle with your friends. As a Guild, you will be able to farm DKT, Raid others and level up your guild.

  • Prosperity III – New Territory, The Promised Lands

The land system will be compatible with Castle and Guilds. Knights will be able to own Land with the blessing of the King.

  • War Expansion – Legions of Honor

With the War Expansion, you will be able to build armies and troops. This update will allow you to conquer other Castles and defend your own!

  • Blockchain Expansion – Waves & EOS

Knightlands will become a multi-chain game with Waves and EOS integration in the future.


The Knightlands Tron Game Royal Giveaway

? Sign-Up for the Royal Welcome Gift and receive the following assets:

  • ? 25 000 Gold Coins
  • ? Rusty Key
  • ? Kings Guards Sword
  • ⚗️ Full Energy Potion

The Royal Welcome Gift is limited time so hurry up and don’t lose it.

To claim it, all you have to do is talk to the @squire_bot or sign-up for the newsletter. A TRON Wallet such as TronLink is required.

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