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Laserchain Event: The ZA Adventures

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After the successful public release of the strategy Blockchain Game Laserchain, it’s time for the first ever event!

The community was asking for this one and the developers couldn’t resist! Ready to go for a fight? Keep reading!

How to attack ZA

The famous ZA are located inside Syndicate Outposts, prepare and launch your usual attack, besides the resources, you will be rewarded with  Centurion Shards, a rare artifact from the underground kingdom of Za.

Centurion Shard is an essential material for crafting Advanced Centurion Technology which is not yet available in Laserchain.

Laserchain ZA Event has begun!
Laserchain ZA Event has begun!

Warriors, Za Invasion in happening now!

We thought we were alone. The truth is, we thought we had discovered something amazing. We were bickering over it, fighting like children. No thought to the possibility that we weren’t the first ones to find it.

They came out of the ground, nobody even knew they were there. We don’t know how long they had been there or how many there were.

They told us that we need to leave their planet, or face complete and utter destruction. The Za had been there for thousands of years, and they had created countless miracles with the LaserChain material.

True natives to the planet, we are now fighting for our lives. Now we struggle to fight the war on two fronts, with our sworn enemies in the other factions, and with the Za.

Hopefully, we will be able to learn from the Za confrontation; take their technology and use it to create a better world. Time will tell.

ZA Attack report in Laserchain. Rewarded with 1 Centaurion Shard
ZA Attack report in Laserchain. Rewarded with 1 Centurion Shard


Enjoy the game and stay safe, Za are dangerous!

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