Laserchain Exits Beta. Wipe & Main Launch is Happening Now.

Today, 30/7/2018 Laserchain is officially released to the public.

After months of Beta testing, today is the day Laserchain opens it’s space gates to the gamers worldwide. In celebrations of this awesome journey, the Android version of the game is available to download from Google Play.

Laserchain is a Strategy space-themed game with an interesting gameplay where you have to build a base and attack other by crafting, developing and mining your own Laser Tokens.

The game wiped today for the last time. All players’ bases restarted, a clean and fair start is happening right now. Today is the first official day to be an early adopter.

The planet i currently resident in - Laserchain Strategy Crypto Game
The planet i used to be in beta- Laserchain Strategy Crypto Game

Invite your friends and play together, advance to the same PVP Planet and strategically win superior enemies or unload your full army and head for a straight face to face battle.

Customize your base, build an army, forge alliances and fight other players from across the world. Mine and manage resources, craft weapons and dominate your planet in a never ending war for supremacy.

View the gameplay of Laserchain, please note that this video was recorded when the game was Beta.

If you would like to read more information on Laserchain, read our article where we explain a lot of stuff.

Visit Laserchain Website.

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