IndiGG Secures $6m In Funding From Lightspeed, Animoca Brands, Sequoia India, and more

ATTACHMENT DETAILS IndiGG_Secures_6m_In_Funding_From_Lightspeed_Animoca_Brands_Sequoia

IndiGG, a Sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games (YGG) and built with the help of Polygon Studios, has raised a $6m founding round led by many important investors, with the most notable being Animoca Brands, Lightspeed, and Sequoia India. YGG and Polygon combined their powers and created IndiGG in order to conquer this industry part in India’s country, with the primary goal …

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Splinterlands Has Sold 6,4 Million Chaos Legion Packs So Far

Splinterlands’s Successful ”Chaos Legion Pack” Sale Booms With Millions of Items Sold 

Splinterlands, one of the oldest and most popular Player-To-Earn games with approximately half a million active players. The game started a sale for its new Chaos Legion card packs. The sale has already begun with 6 million packs sold and over 40% of the 15 million packs available. Players can buy packs through credits purchased online in …

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DCB World Integrates Chainlink’s VRF & Keepers to Support Fully Autonomous Lucky Draw Games

DCB World Integrates Chainlink VRF and Chainlink Keepers to Support Fully Autonomous Lucky Draw Games

Dot Com Billionaires World, aka DCB World, is a 1 Million NFT prize game where players participate in prize pools and automated, transparent draws using Chainlink VRF. DCB World is developed on the Ethereum Network, where users can buy NFTs and combine weekly prize games, NFTs and DeFi, with the help of Chainlink Keepers, which can automate …

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Vulcon2 Meet-Up Event From Vulcan Forged Is Coming To Greece This June

Vulcon2 Meetup in Zappeion Athens

Vulcon2 event is coming the city of Olympian Gods, Athens, on June 14, 2022, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM at Zappeion, a neoclassical mansion built in the city center of Athens in 1888, intertwined with the history of modern Greece. As per Wikipedia, many historical events have taken place at the Zappeion Megaron, including …

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Genesis Worlds Metaverse Land Sale Begins Tomorrow With NFT APR of 675.19%

Genesis World Land Sale

How about a 100-year Metaverse?  The Mining Claim (land sale) in Genesis Worlds begins tomorrow, January 18, 2022. Genesis Worlds is a Metaverse project under development by Game Credits, the first Gaming coin and platform established in 2014.  The team has years of experience in the space, and they have been actively researching the Metaverse …

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Axes Metaverse Reveals New Game Modes

Axes Metaverse New Game Modes

Axes Metaverse is a Meta-Metaverse under development by Azur Games, a pioneer in the mobile gaming industry. Player ownership and Play-To-Earn features using NFTs are the project’s priority since the title is based on the existing Axes Mobile Game, which boasts over 30 million players. Azur Games revealed today three new gameplay modes in which players will …

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Animoca Brands & Others Invest $10M in nCore Indian Mobile Publisher

ncore investment

nCore Games has raised $10 million in a new financing round as the Indian gaming firm is getting ready to launch web3 offerings. Animoca Brands and Galaxy Interactive led the round, with Polygon and Hyperedge Capital also participating. nCore Games has the experience and holds some big titles in India’s mobile gaming industry like the …

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CryptoSkulls OG NFT Collection Revived, LooksRare NFT Marketplace Booming, The Firm Behind GTA Bought Zynga And Has Plans For Play-To-Earn & More News BGD:164

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Let’s start with the most popular games this week. Data are for the past 7 days. 👑Thetan Arena: Over 7 million players. (Self reported) 👑Axie Infinity: Over 2,5 million players. (Self reported) 👑Splinterlands: 522k players. +2.47% 👑Alien Worlds: 391k players. +16.34% 👑Upland: 244k players. +32.97% 👑Bomb Crypto: 202k players -18.25% 👑MOBOX: NFT Farmer:178k players -11.09% 👑Crazy …

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OG Ethereum NFT Collection CryptoSkulls Back In Surface

All the CryptoSkull NFTs

There are many examples of NFTs gaining popularity or value just because someone bought them for extraordinary prices or because they were the first ever to exist. A “new” NFT Collection was recently found. Therefore everyone is excited and trying to get into this OG Project founded in 2019 called CryptoSkulls. CryptoSkulls are 10,000 unique NFTs …

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A Look Into LooksRare NFT Marketplace Recent Success

Some people might say OpenSea finally found an equal. Is that true? Let’s talk facts. The recent airdrop to those who traded on OpenSea has sparked a huge interest for the fresh NFT Marketplace which is not only trending but also managed to surpass OpenSea in trading volume. A couple of truths about LooksRare recent success are: Gained 65.000+ …

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