Yield Guild Games Token Sold Out In 31 Seconds

Yield Guild Games Token Sale

Yield Guild Games token sale was sold out within 31 seconds! With an auction price of 0.49984 USDC per token, TGG sold all 25 million YGG Tokens raising a total of $12,496,000. The impressive (and disappointing) thing about the sale is that 32 participants bought all the available supply which left out many community members …

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BDG 141: Play To Earn & NFT News

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Welcome to another Blockchain Gaming Digest. The most popular Blockchain Games the past seven days are: Alien Worlds – Over 410,000 players. Crypto Blades – Over 260,000 players. Axie Infinity – Over 250,000 players. Upland – Over 97,000 players. My Defi Pet – Over 68,000 players. Before we dive into the news, here’s a word from …

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Win Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer & 500 In-Game NFTs

Frank Frazzeta Death Dealer

Another significant milestone for the Vulcan Forged ecosystem as Frank Frazetta’s famous artwork is coming as a unique NFT playable in VulcanVerse.  Users can purchase tickets with PYR for the final raffle that will reward a one-of-a-kind Death Dealer NFT and 500 other NFTs to the participants. To participate in the event, users will have to buy …

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Enjin Is The First NFT Company to Join United Nation’s Global Compact

Enjin United Nations

The blockchain gaming industry is growing rapidly with NFTs being at the heart of this new decentralized concept of gaming that empowers players. Amid the impressive growth of blockchain games and NFTs, there are also concerns about global warming and environmental degradation.  If strategies for sustainable use of blockchains are not developed, most blockchains would …

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Immutable X Introduces $IMX Token

$IMX Token by Immutable X

$IMX is the newly announced native ERC20 utility tokens of the Immutable X. It is the first-rollup protocol of Ethereum used for trading and minting NFTs, built after partnering with Starkware. During the Alpha period, millions of dollars were facilitated by Immutable X in NFT volume and over 250,000 NFT trades.  Most of the giant …

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MaidCoin To Launch IDO On SushiSwap’s MISO Platform

Maidcoin Dex Miso Platform

MaidCoin has announced the launch of a $MAID token through an IDO (initial DEX offering) on SushiSwap’s MISO platform. The auction will start on August 4, 2021, at 00:00, am UTC, with 30,000 $MAID tokens available for sale. $MAID, an ERC-20 token, will be the native currency of the MaidCoin game. It will be used for raids …

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Wombat has Integrated Ethereum

Ethereum wombat

It’s been two years since Wombat was introduced and the second year of Wombat was a very exciting time for it. In the second year, people noticed DeFi bloom in Telos and EOS and it was further simplified with pTokens and Defibox. Although there were several changes in the second year of Wombat, the goal …

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XAYA: A Platform For Modern Games

xaya overview

Xaya is an open-source blockchain and gaming platform designed to host complex and fully decentralized games. Xaya is focused on improving the blockchain gaming experience by solving the issues of scalability, high gas fees, and interoperability. The team behind Xaya is also the creator of the world’s first blockchain game, Huntercoin. Xaya allows developers to …

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