LimeJuice Acquires BlackSalt Coreuption Franchise

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LimeJuice Blockchain Gaming and DApps announced it has become part of the ownership group of the BlackSalt Coreuption Franchise. While BlackSalt Coreuption is not a blockchain game, LimeJuice is the first IGG partner to bring a new game to the ecosystem.

Lime Juice and Intergalactic Gaming (IGG) has officially partnered up in order to promote the IG Galaxy. LimeJuice partnered as well with some IG partnered Esports teams in order to sponsor tournaments and encourage token purchases. By organizing tournaments and sponsoring various players LimeJuice aims to attract influencers and content creators, to the BlackSalt Coreuption game.

LimeJuice IGG Gaming Blockchain

Proton Gaming will be the Official Esports Team of the BlackSalt Coreuption Franchise. Mazer Gaming will be also be involved with exhibitions and tournaments as well as, agreed to demo the game and sponsor various players to enter. reached to Scott Lilliston, Co-Founder of LimeJuice and asked whether we are going to see the game on the blockchain. Scott replied:

The current game is close to completion but the game creators are very knowledgeable about blockchain. I wouldn’t rule out anything down the road for this franchise!

BlackSalt Franchise

A presale version of the game is already available on Steam for anyone to play. This Year the game is going to be available on the Nintendo Switch platform, by Nintendo itself, while in 2020, it will be available on Xbox, Playstation, and PC. It is worth to mention that the game has already received several awards and is going to be presented at more gaming conferences and expos.

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