LIT Social Media: Mine your Mithril

Lit – Mine Your Mithril is a new Decentralized Social Media Application available for Android & iPhone users with over 20.000 Downloads and a respectable amount of active users.

I’m sure you have an active Social Media user but you never got a penny right? History is re-writing itself, now with LIT and it’s social Mining feature you get rewarded for interacting with other users.

If you have just found about LIT App consider your self lucky. Overwhelming community, Social Mining and ongoing application development are some of the key facts of this new Social Media trend.

Mine mithril, find followers, fortune & fame

LIT is similar to Instagram stories & Snapchat. For every story you post you earn Mithril Tokens based on interaction and likes.

I have been using LIT – Mine your Mithril Application for almost one month, I can say I am impressed with the rewards and the community.

How LIT Works

You have to create an account, choose a username (be creative, community is expanding


rapidly but still small) and kick off your new Social Media Era.

LIT works with hearts ♥, for every 1.000 Views/Hearts you receive in your story you get 1$ in Mithril Token.

You can upload up to 24 Stories a day and skyrocket your earnings without hassle. The more you interact with other users, the more hearts you will receive back.

You can easily upload stories by using your Camera or Gallery and 10 Seconds Video. Please keep in mind that Video stuck the whole process for now, LIT is available in beta version so there are a lot of things need to be upgraded.

Stories disappear after 24 hours from the platform, that when your payout arrives.

LIT Features

LIT has 4 Main Tabs to navigate through the application. The first one is Stories, from there you can like your friends posts and discover featured people and non-featured like me and you to add and interact 🙂

Lit Mine your mithril
Lit Mine your Mithril

The Second tab is just a search bar. It used to be the discover tab where you were able to find new people but it was migrated with Stories.

The third tab is Messages, LIT is using the messaging function just like any other social media to provide users a communication method. You can comment on any picture and the user will see your comment in his inbox. Please note that comments are not visible to anyone, only you and the story owner can see it.

Last tab and best is your Profile, you can see all your posts, how many hours ago posted, your Followers/Following and the total Mithril Mined from the LIT Application.

LIT Powered by Mithril Crypto Economy

Mithril, launched in March 2018 uses a brand new concept called Social Mining. Basically

Reward Notice of 1.19 Mith
Reward Notice of 1.19 Mith

it’s generating revenue (tokens) by interacting with the application and the community. Mithril will empower many Social Media Applications (and daps), LIT is just the first.

Mithril is an ERC-20 Token Standard aiming to revolutionize the Social Media industry. Currently, the token is trading at $0.458724 USD with an ATH around $1.60. Total Supply is 1,000,000,000 MITH 

Mithril tokens will soon be accepted throughout the Mithril Merchant Network, with online applications such as dating services, premium content channels, and live-stream applications, or retailers, starting with INST.RECYCLE.

For more information on Mithril please read the onepager.

Tips and Tricks to succeed in LIT

You should know that at the time of writing this post, LIT has yet to implement withdraw function into the application. We should see this feature within the next 60 Days.

LIT Messages Preview
LIT Messages Preview

Lit will halve the Rewards within 2019, use it as much as you can in 2018.

Try to post all the 24 Stories but not at once, the best way is to post every 1 hour as this will bring more exposure to your posts.

Like and Follow as much as you can every day. LIT is based on interaction, the more you like others, the more will like and follow you back.

Featured people don’t follow or like back. Unless your favourite star is in, they won’t interact with you.

Join a like back community like LitMinersTeam. They have a list of people to follow back every day, this will help a lot to earn more Mithril.

A good practice to keep track with users is messages, some users leave a message after they liked all your posts so you can see it and like back.

My final thoughts on LIT

LIT has a bright future, this project can and will get more and more exposure every day to people unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. Developers are doing a great work and the company engages with users who discuss and promote LIT in other Social Media Providers like Twitter for example.

Recently they completed their first Photography Contest. Results will be posted in July.

Considering the application is in beta version with a couple of bugs active, they have done a really good work.

LIT – Mine your Mithril will one go viral, that day, you can consider your self an early adopter.

Download LIT Today and Start your #SocialMining Experience. Lit for Android & Lit for iPhone.

Until that day, Keep it LIT.

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Join LitMinersTeam like back community. (Telegram group)