Loom Network Integrates With TRON Blockchain & Relentless Special Cards Sale

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The better way for a game to reach the most players possible is to expand into more platforms and blockchain networks. PlasmaChain is becoming a multichain network by integrating the most popular blockchains so the developers of their games can reach the largest possible user base and that is a big step for the mass adoption.

As the team stated: “We are blockchain agnostic. We don’t see different blockchain platforms as warring religions, but rather disparate groups of passionate user bases. And our goal is to unite them, and give dapp developers access to all of those communities at once.”

By intergating with the TRON network the Loom Mainet expands even more from the already excisting intergating networks such us ETH while there is already an announcment for the upcoming integrations with Cosmos Hub and EOS.

A Special Sale

Now blockchain gamers from the already big and fast growng TRON comunity can buy directly Relentless cards using TRX. Relentless is a popular upcoming card trading blockchain game formely knowned as Zombie Battleground and through a special promotion there is a chance to win hidden TRX by purchasing card packs using TRX. These promotion cards will have a special, collectors-edition TRON card back while there is always a chance to win free hidden up to 15000 TRX and a chanse to win this Exclusive Collectible “Justin Sun” Card In Every Pack

relentless justinsun collectible card tron

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Archontakis Kostas
Archontakis Kostas
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