Meltelbrot #35 – DISSOLUTION gaming asset PRESALE TODAY! The team behind it, tells all, and shows us beauty is in the eye of the AI.

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Today I’m chatting with Houston of Garage Studios, developers of new UE4 and Enjin powered game – Dissolution. It’s a tactical FPS MMORPG combat in a cutthroat universe ravaged by an ongoing war of extinction between humanity and AI, where gamers fight for blockchain backed loot in competitive game modes. I got to say the visuals of this one are eye-catching to say the least, and reminds me of the beautiful looking, Age of Rust. With the presale of Dissolution opening in less than 12 hours, I hope this article gets you up to speed on what the Dissolution game is about and has to offer.

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Thanks for taking the time to chat today Houston, before we get into your new game Dissolution, something I’ve asked each guest so far is – what’s your background in playing games and / or game development?

My favourite genre of games is RTS (Real Time Strategy). One of my all-time favs is the Supreme Commander series. Epic battles, great graphics. It was really ahead of its time. I got addicted to playing League of Legends in University, if you guessed, yes I had to drop out.

If I’m honest, I’ve actually never developed a game before; Dissolution is my first title. Its been a steep learning curve, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. My passion lies more in blockchains and other emerging technologies. I’m excited to be a part of a project that has an actual use case for a blockchain.

You’ve learnt very well on the job then, as your game Dissolution, looks brilliant! So let’s get into it. Firstly, it’s great to see it is free to play, so for someone to start a game now without any knowledge of what it’s about. Can you quickly journey us through the basic gameplay?

Its pretty much like any other FPS (First Person Shooter) on keyboard and mouse. WASD to move, SPACE to jump, F to interact/pick up, G to throw grenades etc. You can also customize your key bindings in the settings menu. There will also be a tutorial coming soon for newer players, so you have a chance at playing the basics without getting stomped by the more experienced players.

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There’s plenty of games being developed these days, both non blockchain and blockchain. Heaps to choose from really. What do you think Dissolution offers gamers that others can’t?

I think our gunplay is quite unique, different from any other FPS I’ve played. It’s a good mix between realism and fast paced action. We’ve really focused on immersion to get players really zoned into the game. There is still a lot of work and polish we need to put into the project before it can really take off and retain players. Oh, we also have third person (press v) as well, which I like better than FPS to be frank. Unfortunately it isn’t very playable in its current state. I think once we put some work into 3rd person, it will open the game to a lot more players.

I’m excited to see ship combat and eventually combined arms. I think our players will have a lot of fun playing these types of game modes as not everyone likes FPS.

So there are three modes of play – Assault, Raid, and what I’m most interested in – Zombies!! I heard it was a community suggestion, which I love to see. Can you quickly detail each mode for those that may not know them yet?

Sure. Assault is our classic PvE game mode versus AI killer drones. To win, you have to capture all of the spawn points or until the enemy team runs out of respawn points.

Raid is our PvP game mode. There are bots that will auto-populate the servers if there aren’t players online. They’re quite deadly as well, so make sure you know what your doing before you hop into this one.

Zombies is the most fun I think. You have to survive waves, which get progressively more difficult. Make it to wave 10 and you win. We recently added auto turrets which can be activated for a fee.

What can new players who are not used to First-person shooters learn in Zombie mode?

They’ll definitely learn the basics. Zombie mode is a great way for players to practice their skills on relatively slow moving targets. FPS is really skill based, so I think it’s a great way for players to start to learn the game.

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I heard there could be a future story mode for the game. What’s the basic narrative so far for gameplay, as in, can you give us a touch of the imagination and backstory at play already in the world you created? Why the name Dissolution?

Our backstory is centred around an epic conflict between humanity and AI which spans across a variety of different environments. You’ll have cqb combat, long-range engagements and also even zero-gravity missions.

The word Dissolution can be used to describe the current state of the in-game universe. The weakening of the central human government results in a state of lawlessness and gives opportunity to those ambitious enough to take risks and conquer. Its funny actually, when you google Dissolution, you’ll find a bunch of legal stuff about Divorce etc. and then you’ll see a random videogame.

Ha that is funny about the divorce reference. Maybe your game could be a fun distraction for those in the middle of one! Anyway best to leave that tangent alone…I saw you’ve got an in game currency backed by ERC-20. What’s it called? and how will we be able to obtain and use it?

Its called DIS, short for Dissolution:

The only way to get them is by earning them in-game! You’ll be able to use it to purchase items from the in-game store, and eventually all of our stores, both in-game and presale.

You’ve also got some pretty cool gaming assets to use in game which utilise an ERC-1155 equivalent. Can you give us a taste of what we’ll be able to purchase in the impending sale? Any bundles? Will they mainly be Fungible or Non Fungible Tokens?

They will be mostly non-fungible cosmetics. Things like skins and the such. I can’t give any more details other than that ?

Only hours to wait so we’ll all know soon enough:) I see you sent me a cool pic of Anja’s wrath (pic below). I know a bit about this one, but can you tell us a little more of its making?

Eirik reached out to us about getting the biggest ERC 1155 minted for our game. I’m not sure how much I can disclose, but essentially Anja’s Wrath is the result of our first collaboration. It will be a one-of-a-kind pirate fighter with upgraded engines and weapons at the cost of lighter, and weaker armor, and feature a viking theme on the ship.

Anjas Wrath copy
Anja’s Wrath – A ship powered by Viking spirit;)

That’s rad as!! I gather it won’t be collectible in game ha but other than DIS, will there be any other gaming assets collectible in game whilst playing?

Currently there aren’t. You’ll only be able to purchase them from the in-game store for the first stage. Once we get more RPG elements, we will allow players to pick up directly into their account inventory, where they will be able to ascend them.

You are offering a Dissolution Founders Token too – DFT – what perks will be associated with hodling these bad boys?

We really wanted to incentivize hodling for these bad boys. Here are all the benefits:

Individual Bonus

The DFTs in your wallet will give you a multiplier boost on all in-game earnings and LP (Loyalty Points). This multiplier is based on the number of DFTs you hold, capped at a maximum of 300%. This bonus is stackable on top of corporate bonuses.

Bonus Given: Up to 300% boost (Plateau) in DIS earnings and LP. LP is used to redeem limited edition seasonal content not available in-store. See Bonus Section for details.

Coporate (Guild) Bonus

In the MMORPG stage of the game, DFTs grant company wide bonuses to all employees.

Bonus given: Up to 150% boost in DIS earnings and LP for all employees from PvE missions. Up to 15% discount on military equipment purchased from Authorized Dealers and up to 20% off on ship insurance for all employees. Stackable on top of individual bonus.

Presale Discount

DFT holders will also enjoy a founder’s discount of up to 15% based on the number of tokens they hold.

DFT Bonus Loaning

Players will be able to loan their DFT’s to other players in the in-game marketplace for a flat fee and set percentage of bonus in-game earnings that the borrowing player earns. The flat fee and Bonus sharing percentage is up to the player to determine. (not applicable for LP).

Dissolution DFT Token Sale

Having offered both centralised and decentralised options in your game – which I gather is due to the slight learning curve required to utilise block chain gaming assets. What advantages do you see for those to move over to the blockchain and a more decentralised style of play compared to the old centralised option?

Offering both options is essentially the best of both worlds. Blockchain gamers get to play directly from their wallets, while normal gamers don’t need to learn blockchains to play. It’s a great way of onboarding new users to blockchain technology in a non-intrusive way. I think once a gamer can fully grasp the concept, they will definitely use the decentralized way of playing.

We actually have already onboarded a few of our “regular” players to using Ethereum and Enjin’s platform. One of our players, Shara, had never heard of blockchains before finding our game. Now he’s got his Ethereum wallet connected and has minted all of his items to the kovan test-net. He’s our poster-child for mass adoption. I think gamers can intuitively understand the benefits provided by blockchain, and once they can get past the hurdle of learning how everything works, they will naturally adopt the technology.

Good to see Shara took the plunge! and it pays to learn they say – literally too in this case ha. So we’ve got the sale about to open in less than 12 hours. Once that’s complete, what developments can we expect coming from your team over the next year. Any roadmap or timeline you can share?

We’ll be launching a small single-player experience later this year, more of a tutorial with a couple small missions to get players familiar with the game.

Expect to be flying space ships by Q2 of 2020, and a full combined arms experience by Q4 of 2020. We’ll be aiming to increase our team size from 5 to 15. There are a lot of roles that we need to fill, which will take this game to the next level. Definitely expect regular content updates and patches.

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I see you’ve collaborated with some Enjin powered games already. Can you update us on the multiverse collaborations you’ve got going and any in the works you can speak about?

We’ve got a couple lined up, but the one that is confirmed is Space Misfits. We are implementing each other’s DFT’s and potentially other NFTs as well.

Just curious, is your game something that could interact with the Arena Match platform interviewed previously?

I think it can work. Its using UE4 which is the same engine as PUBG. Will be interesting to look into.

Ok well I think I’ve asked enough q’s ha! Before we go, would you like to share anything new with the readers that they may not have read yet?

I think you’ve covered everything, but I just wanted to say thank you to our early players who put up with all the bugs, and reported said bugs. You’ve been of great help to us in stabilizing the game, and saving money in QA testing so we don’t have to go broke! I’ll see you guys online on Dissolution!

I’m sure there will be plenty dropping in to say ‘hi’, even if it’s just someone trying to save their marriage;) Anyways, a big congats to and your team on a great looking game and exciting road ahead. It’s wonderful to see that it’s something that gamers can already enjoy and get a feel of what they are supporting! So remember all, Presale opens within hours, and time to keep an eye on that countdown to find out what cool blockchain gaming assets are going to be available. You never know, hodling one may save you from the AI overlords in the future;)

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